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What to Think About When Your Audience Growth Stalls Out

Ebbs and flows. Feast or famine. Ups and downs. These are all the catchy phrases that we use when our audience is hot and steady one second and then stalls out the next. But here’s the thing, your audience shouldn’t be treated like an old car that is unreliable when it comes to starting. An […]

How Big of An Audience Do You Really Need To Have a Sustainable Business?

You most likely started your business because you love what you do, right? Not because you love spending all of your time on social media. I think most people, especially during the pandemic, have a pretty lousy relationship with social media, and this can be exacerbated for business owners who rely on sites like Instagram […]

Question the Drink with Kari Schwear

Imagine crafting a message for an audience who doesn’t know they have a problem, a problem to which you have the solution for. This is the situation that our guest today, Kari Schwear, found herself in when she started her business, Question the Drink. Kari coaches her clients to question their relationship with alcohol. Her […]

The One Reason You’re Better at Marketing than You Think

“I’m bad at sales.” Raise your hand if you’ve ever said this. I know you’re probably raising it because I asked this question on my Instagram the other day and 97% of the people responded saying they have said this, or some form of this to themselves. I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. If […]

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