Rebel Uprising Podcast

What is a Thought Leader Really? (And Could You Be One Already?)

When you hear the phrase thought leader, what do you think of? How does it make you feel? Is thought leader something that you aspire to, or is it a phrase that makes you roll your eyes guys? Is it something that you push away? Is it something that you think, oh, that’s okay, not […]

Introducing the Rebel Uprising Podcast

Does this sound like you…. You’re hiding in plain sight You’re on the cutting edge of your industry You do business differently, heck you do life differently Not enough people know about you or your big ideas. Maybe not enough people have experienced the work you do, or the results you can help them achieve […]

Reclaiming Selfishness & Becoming a Boundary Badass with Nancy Levin

Raise your hand if you suck at setting boundaries AND sticking to them? I’m so excited to have Nancy Levin on the Rebel Rising Podcast today because she’s a complete boundary bad ass. In her previous career, Nancy spent 200 days out of the year touring the world with best-selling authors. It wasn’t until after […]

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