“As a result of this work we have been able to generate $2,000+ sales a month online.

Our 3WR marketing strategy and messaging have helped us grow our email list and doubled our conversion rate.

This has been a lifesaver for our spa as we travel the uncharted reopening dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most importantly working with the 3WR gave us the framework to name, and use our business as a force for good as we oppose the oppressive beauty industry status quo. Today thanks to the 3WR framework we can easily communicate our biggest differentiator.

– Claudia Cordova

“The best coaching investment I’ve made. Michelle has been a life saver, a time saver, and the best coaching investment I’ve made since I opened my business.

Our jumbled up messaging was really affecting our marketing and the growth of our business. We were getting clumped into every other gym or private studio in the area and we weren’t standing out.

The results I got from working with Michelle have been amazing. I have all of my messaging right at my fingertips. I’ve had to create a bunch of small blurbs and ad copy since I finished the Intensive and I just find what works best for the current project and edit from there. I don’t have to do the process of creating my message all over again each time trying to find it.

I’m much more optimistic and positive about getting out into the world of marketing knowing I’m attracting the people I want in my business.

– Meghan Crutchley

“I effortlessly signed on two new clients after just one session!

In that one session, Michelle skillfully extracted the essence of my services from what I casually shared. She provided such a great deal of clarity and so many “ahas” that I felt proud instead of doubtful about my message. I felt truly connected to my message. All of this lead to two of the most beautiful discovery calls I’ve ever had. My two new clients, combined, were interviewing nine other service providers.

They chose me because, in their words, ‘I wouldn’t want to miss out on experiencing what you have to offer,’ and ‘You had me at ‘calm by choice.’’

This wouldn’t have happened without Michelle. I trust her expertise so much I wish I could work with her forever.”

– Mona Rose Moore

Michelle-Evans-Testimonial“Changing the name of my podcast from The Marketing Funnel Show to my 3 Word Rebellion, Profit Without Worry, 4.5x my downloads!

If you’ve been around the online marketing space, when you hear the word marketing funnel, you automatically have this idea of an approach that’s really pushy and about getting into your wallet as fast as possible.

That’s not my approach to marketing funnels at all, but I didn’t know how to succinctly talk about it in a way that attracted people to me. And that’s where I really struggled.

I needed to find the bigger idea behind the work I do with clients and even though I had Michelle’s book — I couldn’t get there on my own.

When we landed on Profit without Worry, I loved it. My community instantly wanted to know more. I’m excited to see where this message takes me in 5 years. “

– Michelle Evans, Marketing Expert

Ready to Create a Brand Message that Demands Attention & turns strangers into clients?

(Without ever compromising your ethics)

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“I have my next 5 years of my marketing planned & ready to execute.

Before working with Michelle, my message made no sense to anyone but me. 

Our sessions felt like business therapy, I enjoyed the fact that Michelle could communicate back to me what I was trying to say is simpler terms.

After working together, I left with a simple 3 Word Rebellion that makes sense alone and allows for a deeper dive. I feel like I have my next 5 years of marketing planned and ready to execute.”

– BB French, Real Estate Broker

Katya Varbanova Testimonial“Michelle helped me create a plan to build my influence over the long term.

As a marketer who knows how to do messaging for others, I couldn’t trust anyone else than Michelle Mazur with my own messaging.

I can be a squirrel and trying to do hundreds of different ideas, which cost me hundreds of thousands over the years.

Michelle has truly put a stop to that and has helped me create a plan to build my influence over the long term, so I can actually put those extra hundreds of thousands in my own business, instead of losing them due to lack of focus and consistency.

 If you’re a visionary, you need Michelle in your life.

– Katya Varbanova, Viral Marketing Expert

Janis Flagg Testimonial 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive“It was worth every penny to hire Michelle. I’ve received opportunities to speak, and I feel confident when approaching people about my book.

I knew I needed help to pull everything together to market my book long term.

I had a really difficult time telling my story as to why I became a wedding planner. I’d talk about the events I had planned. Michelle would say “People will want to know about YOU!”

Michelle created a comfort zone and helped me pour it all out and show me how powerful it would be for my messaging. Through that experience, she did more than craft my messaging. She helped me release the misery and see that I truly had made a huge batch of lemonade out of lemons.

What she unintentionally did for me personally was make me proud of my accomplishments and release the fear I had of sharing my story.

The future looks easier for marketing my book rather than a feeling that I was dumped into an unknown foreign country. Now I’m looking upon it as an adventure.”

– Janis Flagg, Author of Wedding Planning Unmasked!

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Cara Jones Testimonials for the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive“Michelle brilliantly excavated my 3 Word Rebellion from a pile of my own words in a way that I couldn’t have done for myself (even though I do message work with others!).

And when we landed on ‘Untether Your Voice’ it, like meeting someone on a first date, felt at first awkward but, in no time, was like discovering a soul mate I was meant to be with all along. 

Being able to articulate, own and live into this rebellion of mine has been one of the greatest gifts to my business. Michelle is amazing and brings incredible insights, structure, and fun to the whole process!”

– Cara Jones, Story Coach & Emmy Award Winner

Sarah Argenal Testimonial for 3 Word Rebellion“I have a message that I want to spread to literally every working parent on the planet because it will create positive change!

I had been frustrated and disconnected from my business for several months before working with Michelle. I always felt like I was re-inventing the wheel every time I had a conversation.  Even though people resonated with my message, I felt like it was far too random and convoluted.

After just one session, I had a 3 Word Rebellion, a philosophy that supported that 3 Word Rebellion, and a four-step methodology to help people integrate this philosophy into their busy lives.

Now, I have a message that I want to spread to literally every working parent on the planet because I’m convinced it will create positive change. I have a clear plan for how to spread that message, which feels authentic, manageable, and fun!

I feel more confident in pitching articles, speaking engagements, training, and media appearances because I have a concise, clear, and effective message to share.

– Sarah Argenal, Founder of the Argenal Institute

“Michelle’s insights helped me transition fully into the role of a thought leader in my field.

I started to work with Michelle because after spending so many years in the weeds of building my business I feared that I was missing the bigger message…and I was right. My 3 Word Rebellion was there, but it was lost in the weeds.

Within our first call together Michelle had helped me uncover an important theme in my work, and this message is one that I will use as the foundation of all of my speaking and writing.

Michelle’s insights helped me break out of being a ‘How To’ keynote speaker, and transition fully into the role of thought leader in my field.

Devon Smiley

“I never thought I’d be able to distill all of the many facets of my business and content into three words. And yet that’s exactly what we did.

Before I worked with Michelle, I had a lot of information in my head, a ton of content that didn’t seem to be connected and no clear message that I could promote for speaking, blog posts or on social media.

Michelle who was patient, knowledgeable and skillful at helping me get to the root of my message, helped me create my 3 Word Rebellion, Inner Kiddo to CEO.

That 3 Word Rebellion really encompasses all of the work I do around trauma and entrepreneurship and how important it is to connect with our inner Kiddo in order to help us have business success.

I never thought I’d be able to distill all of the many facets of my business and content into three words. And yet that’s exactly what we did.

Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Ditch your unclear, unorginial, “sound like everyone else” message that is costing your business sales & impact!

(Side note: this message gurantees that you’ll always be competing on price!)

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“From what I thought was a total mess, Michelle got to the core of my beliefs so quickly, it was amazing.

I knew Michelle had a knack for helping people uncover their messages — but I was surprised to discover that the “work” on my end was basically freewriting. Michelle prompted me with questions and I just did big ol’ brain dumps on the page.

From what I thought was a total mess, Michelle pulled out themes and patterns. She got to the core of my beliefs so quickly, it was amazing.

And the questions she asked were so insightful, I came away with so many quotes and phrases I can easily weave into my content going forward

When you’re too close to your own stuff, give Michelle a call. She’s amazing at helping you get perspective, and uncovering the genius that’s already inside you.”

Jessica Mehring

“I now have anchors for everything from podcasting to speaking to social media outreach to informing the type of work I do.

I knew I had something to say. So many stories, in fact, that my message was getting garbled.

Was I the one who talked about loneliness? Was I the one who tried to help others with shitty childhoods? Was I the one who never wanted to be a mom and now have three children I love dearly? I am all of these BUT my message was not coherent or focused.

Working with Michelle and her see-inside-your-brain-and-heart wizardry, we quickly honed in on my 3 most important topics and corresponding stories to help bring the audience along on the journey with me.

I now have anchors for everything from podcasting to speaking to social media outreach to informing the type of work I do…and I’m SO EXCITED TO SHARE IT.

Jen Vertanen

Tracy Rekart 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive Testimonial “We stripped away the unnecessary and made my amazing work actually sound amazing because now it’s clear!

The 3 Word Rebellion prompts and process helped me take years of well-researched and practiced content and create a robust marketing plan that is clear and direct. 

Michelle helped me come up with a 3 Word Rebellion – that I resisted at first that now I find myself saying when talking about my work! 

Through the process, we stripped away the unnecessary and made my amazing work actually sound amazing because now it is clear!

-Tracy Rekart, Leadership Coach

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