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Message Strategy for B2B Consultants to Communicate the Benefits of Your Work to ALL the Stakeholders who Ultimately Decide to Hire You.


The B2B Sales Process is Long.
Reduce the Risk of Proposals Going Cold.

After months of conversations and multiple revisions, you finally get a YES on your proposal.

"I just need to run it past my boss, and we'll be good to go."

Weeks and months pass without any word. You follow up and hear, "We're still reviewing it, and we'll let you know."

The proposal you spent months on is dead in the water, and you’re left scratching your head and wondering why.

It’s not you. It’s not that you suck at sales or leading the sales process.

You've proposal fell victim to what I call the Three Stakeholder Problem

The Three Stakeholder Problem

Your marketing, sales, and proposal messaging needs to speak to three different types of people who have different desires, need to solve different problems, and want different outcomes.

It’s one of the biggest culprits for why proposals go cold. 

Who are the Three Stakeholders causing this ruckus?

Decision Makers 

Control the budget, have final say & care about solving bigger organizational challenges 

HR/Team Leaders

Typically your direct contact and care about how your expertise solves problems for their teams or employees.

Employee/End User

The individual you work with and directly benefit from your expertise and consulting

If you want to decrease the risk of the proposal going dark and navigate the B2B landscape effectively—it’s time to cause a stir with your message and communicate the value of your expertise to each stakeholder.


3 Word Rebellion Message Strategy Tailored to the Unique Challenges of Marketing & Selling B2B.

3 Word Rebellion is a unifying message that speaks to all three audiences and focuses on the outcome and the result your consulting produces.

It’s sticky and memorable and makes you highly. referrable,

Once we create the message you want your work to be known for, we will tailor its use for each of these stakeholders you need to win over.

Here are the deliverables:

  • Decision Maker Deep Dive - Unearth how your expertise benefits the larger organization and solves problems at the organization level
  • HR/Team Leader Empathy Map - Discover their struggles, concerns, and what they want for their careers and employees. 
  • End User Messaging - Highlight how your consulting translates into direct benefits for employees.
  • Referral Partners One Sheet - Combines the problems you best solve for the decision maker and the symptoms the employees experience so your partners know when to refer you

Packages start at $3,500




My message wasn't focused on the audience who needed to hear it.

I knew I needed to refocus my message, but I had no idea how.

The process was highly logical and rigorous. I never once felt like Michelle was pulling a rabbit out of a hat, instead, she was following a well-researched and logical process to produce a thoughtful outcome.

The rationale she gave me for my messaging was informative, and I feel prepared to communicate about my work with more compelling precision. I believe I will see dividends on this process for years to come.

Jilliane Yawney

I was struggling to use language that was relatable to my clients.

And advice I would hear about messaging left me feeling like my expertise was getting lost or that the message was too fluffy.

Michelle helped me find the right words to relate to my clients but also gave me permission to use some of my own language. I've also been able to focus more clearly on who I'm serving and how to help them.

If you have any anxiety, frustration, or worry about your marketing plan this is the solution.  Stop wasting time spinning your wheels and get clear on your messaging!

Camille Rapacz







I'm the author of the 3 Word Rebellion, host of the Make Marketing Suck Less Podcast & co-host of Duped: The Dark Side of Online Business.

What Qualifies Me to Help You with Your Message Strategy?

  • A decade of experience working with business owners to translate their expertise into a message that gets them known and hired for their work.
  • A Ph.D. in Communication, meaning that I understand the science of messaging, so I have a deep understanding of how your clients process your message and how to persuade them by building an argument for your work (with none of the manipulative shenanigans)
  • Seven years of experience in Corporate America doing marketing and market research for companies like Microsoft, Burt’s Bees, Kerrygold Butter, and more. I understand how selling & marketing to large organizations works.

Dr. Michelle

Gain the confidence & the Right Words to Navigate the B2B sales Landscape Effectively

There’s no better time to reduce the risk of proposals going cold by solving The Three Stakeholder Problem once and for all. Enhance your marketability with messages that stick and make you highly referable.

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