Your business gets
your clients RESULTS

…but communicating that in your
marketing & copy so future
clients want to work with you…


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Since you can’t capture what makes your business the obvious choice, you settle for marketing clichés like…

Make an Impact

Scale your business

Take it to the next level

An Innovative Proven Process

Transform Your Life

Make  6-Figures

Rebel Truth:

These tired clichés UNDERSELL the value your business creates!

And worse, it’s not giving potential clients a reason to choose YOUR business over your competitors.

Your marketing messages need to stand out and build an audience of future buyers ready to say “YES” to your offers.

Let’s work together to make you the obvious, the unrivaled, the easy YES for what you do.
Uncopyable and Utterly Unignorable.

That’s the power of Message Strategy.
Are you ready to be known & grow an audience of future buyers?

Let’s Nail It!

Grow an Audience of Future Buyers

In The 3 Word Rebellion Marketing Message Strategy Intensive

Let’s nail your 3 Word Rebellion and create the marketing messages that grow your audience and lead people to say a BIG OLD YES to your work.

Perfect for you if: You’re an established business owner and…

  • You’re pivoting with a new audience or offer and need a fresh message,
  • You’ve been relying on word of mouth and random acts of marketing to get clients,
  • You’re done messing around with your message and want to get it handled.

This service includes a 3 Word Rebellion that makes you the OBVIOUS choice to work with plus:

  • Client Empathy Map: Gain deeper insights into what your clients are feeling, doing, saying, so your message feels like you’re reading their minds, grabs their attention, and grows your audience.
  • The Client Decision Journey: A set of three key messages for your content that builds an argument for your work so you fill your client pipeline faster than before (includes at least 20 content ideas)
  • Why Buy” Message/Program Promise: The most compelling reason to do business with you and decide to say yes to working with you
  • Conversion Strategy: Understand the critical belief shifts and CTAs for each step of your client journey so your people know exactly how to hire you.
  • Marketing Strategy: A step-by-step plan to grow your audience and book more business without doing any marketing you hate.

It’s time to get clear and get your audience ready to hire you.

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(This is approximately a 3-month engagement that starts at $5,000 or 3 payments of $1,675)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the intensive nature of this work, I only take on 10 clients every calendar year. Please let me know when you schedule your consultation if you have a deadline.

The 3 Word Rebellion Marketing Message Intensive, changed my business.

Since I’ve nailed down my 3WR (Build Sustainable Freedom), my coaching client schedule has filled up!   The new clients that come with my new messaging are the clients I’ve wanted to work with all along.

Michelle helped me get clearer on my messaging immediately and it was so easy to implement.  I love that she taught me how to USE the messaging, rather than just write it for you.”

– Tracy Glasco

“I was struggling to nail down messaging that represented my approach and differentiated me from…

my competitors with an intelligent, original and thought-provoking message.

I relied on Michelle to steer me toward a message that resonated with me and those I wanted to reach and met the criteria of a powerful message.  Michelle challenged me to go beyond safe and be a rebel.

My work with Michelle helped me clarify the next phase of my business, and gave me a roadmap to follow.   The brand messaging platform guide gave me clear direction on how to best implement the new messaging to attract new customers and lead them through the customer journey to the sale.

I know that ‘Belong to Your Customer’ will become a movement.  Put your trust in Michelle!

– Laura Gatsos Young

“My clients could not clearly understand what I could do for them.

Michelle gave my thought process order and clarity.  And she brought my 3 Word Rebellion to life!

I have clear and professional brand messaging for all of my marketing and communications needs. It’s so simple and so powerful.

Michelle has inspired me so much to keep loving my profession as a communicator.  This is a dream come true.

– Nadina Rivas

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Create your one-of-a-kind message that is the ultimate hook and the message you want to be known for!

The 3 Word Rebellion is the key to go from business owner to thought leader.

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