Make Your Message Bigger than You

(And Your Business)

Call in your audience

Incite people to act

Inspire others to be a messenger of your 3 Word Rebellion

Your business is booming. You’re making good money. You have some amazing clients.

And yet…you know you could be reaching more people and making an even bigger difference.

You know you’ve got what it takes! Your clients get great results. You’ve got the ideas. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work. You even got the connections to make it happen.

But the problem right now is that you don’t have that ONE thing that you’re known for.

You know like how Mel Robbins has the 5-Second Rule or Simon Sinek has Start with Why or Elizabeth Gilbert has Eat. Pray. Love.

And you have….ummm…lots of thoughts?

A crap ton of ideas filling up notebooks and scribbled on post-it notes all over your desk?

A HUGE body of work that you’ve created over the years that you’re wondering “what do I do with all of this?”

You need that one thing — and in fact, you need a whole different way of talking about your business because:

  • People often get confused about what you offer and what you do
  • Ideal clients choose your competitors over you even though they charge MORE money and get LESS results
  • When you pitch yourself to a podcast, the media or for speaking, you hear NADA back…
  • …Or worse those speaking gigs want you to speak for FREE because if you say no, they can easily replace you

I say NO MORE to that!

I want you to have a message that reaches million, impacts millions and makes you millions.

Your message aka your 3 Word Rebellion is the ultimate hook. It calls in your people. Allows you to communicate the value of your work and gets you known.

When you have that 3 Word Rebellion, magic starts to happen:

  • Your dream client says “Heck yes” because they know how you get results and there is NO ONE else they’d rather work with.  
  • You’ve got a message that only you can deliver which means you can charge more because NO ONE ELSE can do what you do — competition? What competition?
  • You wake up to not one, not two, but THREE requests for you to speak.

Most of all you want to serve more of the people you love and use your ideas to create change in your field and even the world.

Ultimately, if you put all of your energy in crafting the message you want to be known for, you’ll be the next influential thought leader that everyone is buzzing about.

That’s where I come in

Communication Rebel, Michelle Mazur, speech coachI’m Michelle Mazur, Ph.D. and the creator of the 3 Word Rebellion. I believe communication changes the world and the right message starts a revolution.

What makes me different?

The 3 Word Rebellion messaging framework has a 100% success rate in discovering that message that catapults your thought leadership.

Why is that? You become my research project (in a good way).

Unlike most “messaging coaches” who interview you and then present you with what they think your message is, we co-create this message TOGETHER.

You start by doing some “freewriting” to get your ideas on paper. Then I use my 25 years of communication and research experience to hunt down the words that we use for your 3 Word Rebellion, your model/manifesto, and your signature stories.

Many of my clients go on to be speakers, who become international speakers book $10,000 speaking gigs, speak internationally (even in front of world leaders), and negotiate their highest speaking fees. Most importantly, they are changing their industries.

You may not be a speaker…yet…

But you’ll be surprised where your 3 Word Rebellion takes you.

When you move people to act and encourage them to carry your message forward, they’ll want you to speak, do workshops, be on their podcast, and appear on their TV shows.

So, let’s chat!

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“I knew I had something to say. So many stories, in fact, that my message was getting garbled.

Was I the one who talked about loneliness? Was I the one who tried to help others with shitty childhoods? Was I the one who never wanted to be a mom and now have three children I love dearly? I am all of these BUT my message was not coherent or focused.

Working with Michelle and her see-inside-your-brain-and-heart wizardry, we quickly honed in on my 3 most important topics and corresponding stories to help bring the audience along on the journey with me.

I now have anchors for everything from podcasting to speaking to social media outreach to informing the type of work I do…and I’m SO EXCITED TO SHARE IT. ”

– Jen Vertanen, Loneliness Expert, Mentor & Speaker at
Jen Vertanen

3 Word Rebellion Deliverables

You’ll walk away with all the messaging you need to impact millions

Your 3 Word Rebellion — The ultimate hook :: These three words will call in your audience, make them curious about what you’re up to, and get them talking about your message so that you can get known!

Your Model/Manifesto :: This is the must-have piece of messaging to differentiates you from your competition. It’s how you communicate your value. It’s why people hire you (and pay you more).

You’re pitch ready :: The angle for that podcast, speaking, or guest blog pitch is totally done. An elevator pitch that makes people say “Oh hell yes! I want to know more.” Stories that have the media swooning – DONE! Ideas for website copy and marketing – handled.

Audience deep dive :: Understand your audience’s motivations and resistance to acting on your 3 Word Rebellion. You’ll know how to overcome their resistance so that they take action and become the messengers of your message.

3 (or more) talking points :: Move your audience from being curious about your 3 Word Rebellion to being 100% bought into your vision. Have a systematic way of using your talking points to show your audience why your message is THEIR message, too.

3 (or more) stories to support your rebellion :: Be known for your stories. The people who buy into your movement should be able to tell your stories as well as you do. Mel Robbins’ super fans know her story as do Simon Sinek’s. It’s time for people to know yours, too.

Action steps for sharing your rebellion :: A plan with more content ideas than you can count on how to launch your message so that people find out about you FAST.

A 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Master Plan ::  We document your message in one place, so you can access it when you need to prepare for your speech, that podcast interview or even when Oprah calls.

Your investment is $2500

(payment plans available)

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“I knew Michelle had a knack for helping people uncover their messages — but I was surprised to discover that the “work” on my end was basically freewriting. Michelle prompted me with questions and I just did big ol’ brain dumps on the page.

From what I thought was a total mess, Michelle pulled out themes and patterns. She got to the core of my beliefs so quickly, it was amazing.

And the questions she asked were so insightful, I came away with so many quotes and phrases I can easily weave into my content going forward

When you’re too close to your own stuff, give Michelle a call. She’s amazing at helping you get perspective, and uncovering the genius that’s already inside you.”

– Jessica Mehring, CEO at Horizon Peak Consulting
Jessica 3 Word Rebellion Intensive

How it works:

  • Three 60-minute 1:1 sessions with me. My entire focus is on crafting your message so that you quickly make progress.
  • Unlimited email and Voxer support so that you never get stuck. I get it. Being stuck SUCKS, you’ll never have to wait for your next session to make progress.
  • A Playbook to prep you for each session and maximizes our time together.  Capture all your ideas, thoughts, opinions, and stories in one place.
  • Feedback on your Playbooks between session so that you know you’re on track.
  • Recordings of each session so that you never miss the perfect turn of phrase during the call.

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I started to work with Michelle because after spending so many years in the weeds of building my business I feared that I was missing the bigger message…and I was right. My 3 Word Rebellion was there, but it was lost in the weeds.

Within our first call together Michelle had helped me uncover an important theme in my work, and this message is one that I will use as the foundation of all of my speaking and writing.

Michelle’s insights helped me break out of being a ‘How To’ keynote speaker, and transition fully into the role of thought leader in my field.”

– Devon Smiley, Negotiation Consultant at
Devon Smiley 3 Word Rebellion Testimonial



What happens after I book a chat with you?

Before we meet, I’ll review your application, do a messaging audit of your website and your current messaging. 

Then we’ll hop on the phone, I’ll ask you what’s going on in your business, the goals you have, and ultimately what you want to create and what difference you want to make.

If you’re a good fit, I’ll tell you about the 3 Word RebellionMessaging Intensive and you can ask me any questions you have about it.

If you’re in, we’ll get you on my schedule. Easy peasy. No pressure.

I’m super busy. How much time will it take?

My mamma taught me never to answer a question with a question, but I’m a rebel and I rebel.

How much time have you spent in your head thinking about your message?

Testing out a million different elevator pitches, sales pitches, and speaking pitches. Updating the copy on your website for the millionth time because it just wasn’t quite right.

This process takes significantly less time.

You’ll spend an hour on the call with me and two hours preparing for our calls. I’d say about 9-10 hours total.

See, I told you it was less!

Do I work with you or with one of your trained coaches?

You get ME.

When can we start working together?

I take clients on a rolling basis. Typically, I book these sessions one to two months in advance.

If you have a particular deadline you’re up against let me know in the application.

What’s the investment? Are there payment plans available?

The price is $2500 paid in full.

Or you can choose 3-payments of $900.

What’s your refund policy?

Because of the nature of 1:1 work, I do not offer refunds. When you commit to this work, I immediately start doing my work to get to know you, your business, and what you stand for.

I know if you do the work, show up for our sessions open for feedback, and take decisive action, you will get results with the 3 Word Rebellion.

In turn, I promise you’ll leave with your:

  • 3 Word Rebellion
  • Rebellious talking points that lead your audience to act
  • Stories that will set you up for getting your message out so you can start making your dent in the universe.

What’s your Ph.D. in?


I studied how people process messages. This is how I know what makes you super persuasive and compelling.

How long do we work together?

Approximately two months.

I need to write a speech. Do you still offer that?

YES! Of course.

The 3 Word Rebellion serves as the foundation for your speech.

Let me know in your application that you need to write a speech. I’ve got you covered.

What’s your 3 Word Rebellion?

My 3 Word Rebellion is 3 Word Rebellion, of course!

Why 3? People remember BEST what they hear in threes.

Why words? Words move your people to act, calls them into your movement and business, and let them spread your message.

Why rebellion? Communication changes the world. To shake up your audience, your industry, and even the world, you must rebel against the status quo.

“Working with you allowed me to step into my own message and build my confidence that I did have something to say and that was the first building block to get to the point of making money speaking.

Now that I have a message that I believe MUST be shared and MUST get out there, doing the networking and reaching out to people is 10000000 times easier.

Because it isn’t about me making money as much as you HAVE to hear this message!!!! AND that feels so much more genuine and authentic AND I REALLY want to make money too.”

– Nancy Jane Smith, Author & Speaker at

You’ve read this far…I want you to know…

The 3 Word Rebellion is for people who heed the call to create something bigger, not for people who are satisfied with just being a successful business owner.

The 3 Word Rebellion is for people who are outsiders, mavericks, and instigators, not for people who settle for the status quo.

The 3 Word Rebellion is for people who want to incite action, which is completely different than motivating or inspiring the masses.

The 3 Word Rebellion is for people who want to create an impact and even get famous for it, not for people who want to hide out.

The 3 Word Rebellion is for people who want their idea to be associated with their name, not be just another face in the crowd.

If you’re still reading…the 3 Word Rebellion is for YOU…apply already!

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The Proof is in the Results

“Within one month of our 3-month contract, I booked my highest paid speaking gig yet!

More than that she helped me stepped fully into my power as a speaker/leader. Like a holding up the most beautiful mirror, her workbooks and our bi-weekly sessions helped me to see my strengths and get super clear about my message.

Working with Michelle gave me the CLARITY and the CONFIDENCE I needed to level-up. She helped me blow my own damn mind!”

– Shannon Walsh, Speaker & #JoyFirst Movement Maker

“The audience really loved my keynote speech. And people asked for selfies with me post-presentation (that’s never happened before).

I landed a paid speaking gig with a national organization on the spot, which is exactly what I wanted. Looks like I’m truly kicking off my speaking career and it’s all because of Michelle!”

– Kira Hug, Conversion Copywriter Extraordinaire

I was ready to up the game on my speaking career and I knew that having a top-notch talk was the first step. The talk we created is more versatile, more impactful, and full of way more personality than I’ve created before on my own.

I love giving that talk and people love hearing it!”

– Tara Gentile, Founder of CoCommercial

“I hired Michelle to help me create a speech that communicated confidence and made sense to people who were not subject matter experts.

Because of our work together, numerous attendees came up to me after to tell me that my talk was the best they’d seen in the entire 2-day conference, and I made several valuable connections with CEOs and executives that will be valuable for my work. ”

– Carrie Jones, CMX Media

“Dr. Michelle helped turn my Hot Mess-ness into a Hot Message!

I knew what I wanted to say, but did not always know how to articulate it. Dr. Michelle helped trim the fat with plenty of meat still on the bone. And she did it with kindness and non-judgment.”

– Jehan Cicely, Travel Sanity Expert

“Because of working with Michelle, I upgraded my performance from Business to First Class.

Getting my key message across grows my business and my bottom line.”

– Markus Koch, Wall Street Correspondent

“What a gift to feel so heard, encouraged, and challenged so I can achieve my mission and goals.

Thank you for building your business dedicated to helping people like me share my passion with confidence and clarity and IMPACT. You have a brilliant ability to edit, extract, organize my thoughts while helping me stay ruthlessly focused on who matters most – my audience.”

– Rebecca Ching, Found of

You’ve made it this far and you’re still reading?!

Book Your Chat TODAY!

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It’s the change you create for your audience. It’s the ultimate hook and the message you want to be known for!

These 3 words are the key to go from business owner and speaker to influencer.

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