Create a One-of-a-Kind Message

That Grows Your Business and Your Influence 24/7

Here’s the rebel truth: crafting your message, your customer journey, the story of you and your brand can feel like a luxury.

But it’s NOT. You can’t ignore your message because it works for your business 24/7. 

  • When someone lands on your website at 11:11 pm on a Thursday, what makes them decide to stick and click around is your MESSAGE.
  • When you pitch yourself for a podcast or speaking gig, what makes or breaks if you get on that stage is your MESSAGE.
  • When you’re on a sales call, the person is trying to decide between you and your competitor. How well you communicate the value of what you do depends on your MESSAGE.

Your message is your best salesperson. It works 24-hours a day. It never needs a break. When it works for well, your business thrives and…

…you make the difference you want to make in this world.

And everything feels easier.

Opportunities arise. A bigger stage appears. The interview you always wanted falls into your lap.

People get what you are about, buy what you offer, and will tell people how awesome you’re work is.

When your message is off — even a tiny bit off — everything is harder. 

There are more no’s than yes’s. Opportunities are just out of reach. Speaking gigs fall through your fingertips. While people say they “loved it,” they don’t act.

Let’s change that and find the message that your 1,000,000% confident in because…

…Opportunity is waiting for you — bigger stages, more impact, name recognition in your industry and let’s face it, more money.

You’re ready for it except there’s this gap:

A message gap:

You don’t know HOW to say it so it makes the biggest impact and compels people to act.

A confidence gap:

You feel like your message is IMPORTANT but there’s is part of you that stops you from taking action.


A uniqueness gap:

You’re message sounds like everyone elses and you don’t know how to rise above the noise so that people CHOOSE YOUR BUSINESS!

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That’s where I come in

Communication Rebel, Michelle Mazur, speech coachI’m Michelle Mazur, Ph.D. and the creator of the 3 Word Rebellion. I believe communication changes the world and the right message starts a revolution. The speakers I’ve worked with become international speakers (even speaking in front of world leaders), book $10,000 speaking gigs and negotiate their highest speaking fees. Most importantly, they are changing their industries.

Here’s the rebel truth…

Right now I have nothing to sell you because I don’t know you, your business, your goals, your big picture vision. I don’t know how I can help you YET…

So, let’s chat!

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Curious what we’ll be chatting about?

Worried it’s going to be a high-pressure salesfest?

(It’s not.)

Watch this short video and I’ll walk you through what will talk about.

(Hint: It’s YOU.)


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What kind of work do you do with business owners and speakers?

My sweet spot is messaging and marketing so figuring out that core message (aka your 3 Word Rebellion) you want to be known for, writing a signature keynote speech, positioning and packaging your body of work to have a profitable business and building marketing campaigns is all in my wheelhouse.

I also help clients who want to be speakers with impactful delivery, optimizing their speech to get more clients, developing a plan to find, pitch and book speaking gigs, systems for follow-up and getting testimonials and negotiating speaking fees.

What’s the investment to work with you?

Yep, that’s the question most people want to know straight away. Working with me in a 1:1 setting is an investment that starts at $2750 and increases based on the duration and depth of our work together.

The cool part is most of my clients make their investment back in 2-3 months after finishing our work together.

When are you available to start?

It depends. I keep my practice limited to 10 business owners at any given time so that I can deliver my best to the people who I work with.

Schedule a call and I can let you know what my current availability is.

How do I know if this is the right time to have this call with you?

It’s the right time if you’re 100% serious about scaling your impact with speaking, you want to start working on it now, and you’re at a stable place in your business where money is coming and you can make speaking a focus.

The Proof is in the Results

“Within one month of our 3-month contract, I booked my highest paid speaking gig yet!

More than that she helped me stepped fully into my power as a speaker/leader. Like a holding up the most beautiful mirror, her workbooks and our bi-weekly sessions helped me to see my strengths and get super clear about my message.

Working with Michelle gave me the CLARITY and the CONFIDENCE I needed to level-up. She helped me blow my own damn mind!”

– Shannon Walsh, Speaker & #JoyFirst Movement Maker

“The audience really loved my keynote speech. And people asked for selfies with me post-presentation (that’s never happened before).

I landed a paid speaking gig with a national organization on the spot, which is exactly what I wanted. Looks like I’m truly kicking off my speaking career and it’s all because of Michelle!”

– Kira Hug, Conversion Copywriter Extraordinaire

I was ready to up the game on my speaking career and I knew that having a top-notch talk was the first step. The talk we created is more versatile, more impactful, and full of way more personality than I’ve created before on my own.

I love giving that talk and people love hearing it!”

– Tara Gentile, Founder of CoCommercial

“I hired Michelle to help me create a speech that communicated confidence and made sense to people who were not subject matter experts.

Because of our work together, numerous attendees came up to me after to tell me that my talk was the best they’d seen in the entire 2-day conference, and I made several valuable connections with CEOs and executives that will be valuable for my work. ”

– Carrie Jones, CMX Media

“Dr. Michelle helped turn my Hot Mess-ness into a Hot Message!

I knew what I wanted to say, but did not always know how to articulate it. Dr. Michelle helped trim the fat with plenty of meat still on the bone. And she did it with kindness and non-judgment.”

– Jehan Cicely, Travel Sanity Expert

“Because of working with Michelle, I upgraded my performance from Business to First Class.

Getting my key message across grows my business and my bottom line.”

– Markus Koch, Wall Street Correspondent

“What a gift to feel so heard, encouraged, and challenged so I can achieve my mission and goals.

Thank you for building your business dedicated to helping people like me share my passion with confidence and clarity and IMPACT. You have a brilliant ability to edit, extract, organize my thoughts while helping me stay ruthlessly focused on who matters most – my audience.”

– Rebecca Ching, Found of

“Working with you allowed me to step into my own message and build my confidence that I did have something to say and that was the first building block to get to the point of making money speaking.

Now that I have a message that I believe MUST be shared and MUST get out there, doing the networking and reaching out to people is 10000000 times easier.

Because it isn’t about me making money as much as you HAVE to hear this message!!!! AND that feels so much more genuine and authentic AND I REALLY want to make money too.”

– Nancy Jane Smith, Author & Speaker at

You’ve made it this far and you’re still reading?!

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