B.O.L.D. Messaging Sesh

A 90-Minute Consulting Session
for Business Owners  Who are Ready to LEAD 

More Audience Members into Becoming Clients Ethically.

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Transform Your Message From “Does this Even Make Sense?” to “Wow, I Wish I Could Hire Me” in 90-Minutes

You’re a straight-up expert in what you do.

You get fantastic results for your clients who rave about working with you and still you can’t stop thinking about your…


  • Is it attracting the right people?
  • Does it even represent who I am/what I do/how I help people?
  • Does it make sense to anyone other than me?
  • Am I confusing the crap out of people with too much information?
  • Do I sound like everyone else? How is that possible? What I do is so unique?
  • Is what I say actually going to resonate so people will want to work with me?

You’ve got a sneaking suspicion that answer is NO.

Not just no…HELL NO! 

Because you’ve been overthinking this for quite some time.


It’s been stopping you from making money. 

Stopping you from marketing your business,  making sales, and serving more people… (no matter how good your marketing plan is…because who cares about the plan if the words don’t connect, right?) 

You just want some freaking clarity. 

To know you’re on the right track. To know that what you’re saying makes sense and is going to bring all the right people to your business. 

You want to introduce yourself like your the person to KNOW, best in the world instead of “hey, I’m just lucky to be in the room.”

You want to post on social media and have people INTERACT with you! (what a concept…socializing on social media). 

You want to send out sales emails that you feel GREAT about and have people BUY what you’re selling once. 

That’s Exactly Why I Created The B.O.L.D. Messaging Sesh:

This is what’ll we do, boo, in this 90-minute 1:1 consulting session.

Before Our Session:


  • Book your session via Acuity.
  • Give me all the details about your clients in an easy to fill out intake form I created for you
  • You’ll share with me your website and your one main social media squeeze 


  • I’ll review your intake form so I can get into the hearts and minds of your clients
  • Conduct a B.O.L.D. Assessment of your current message? What’s that?
    • B – Be the one and only option – how well does your business stand out from your competition?
    • O – Other focused – how well do your marketing and copy connect and speak to your clients? Does it make them want to hire you?
    • L – Leadership – How is your business leading your industry and your clients through its viewpoint and frameworks?
    • D – Direct – Are you directing and giving clear calls-to-action about what to do and how to work with you?

During our Session:

Together, you and I will meet on Zoom where we will spend the first 20-30 minutes reviewing the results of your B.O.L.D Assessment. 

The remainder of the time will be spent workshop your messaging, create an ethical marketing plan, and developing your next steps on what to do next to make your message clearer, more compelling (and ethical) to your right clients so that they want to open their wallets to you. 

After our Session:

  • Within 3 business days, I’ll send you the Assessment and your Messaging Action plan
  • You’ll also receive a recording of our call to review
  • As a bonus, you’ll receive 7-days of email support to get any questions that you have about your action plan answered

Investment: $750

Get on the Waitlist to Be Notified  When You Can Book!

Meet the Communication Rebel, Michelle Mazur, Ph.D.

Hi, I’m Michelle, the creator of the 3 Word Rebellion messaging framework and host of the Rebel Rising podcast. I believe communication changes the world and the right message starts a revolution.

That’s what I help business owners and speakers do: change the world one-compelling message at a time.

The 3 Word Rebellion messaging framework has a 100% success rate in discovering that one-of-a-kind message that catapults your thought leadership.

Many of my clients go on to be speakers, who command $10,000 (and up) gigs, end up speaking internationally (even in front of world leaders), and are able to negotiate their highest speaking fees ever. 

ALL of my clients end up growing their businesses and/or spreading their movements faster and farther than ever.

Most importantly, they are changing their industries.

Communication Rebel, Press

“The best coaching investment I’ve made. Michelle has been a lifesaver, a time saver, and the best coaching investment I’ve made since I opened my business.

I’m much more optimistic and positive about getting out into the world of marketing knowing I’m attracting the people I want in my business.

– Meghan Crutchley

“I have my next 5 years of my marketing planned & ready to execute.

Before working with Michelle, my message made no sense to anyone but me. 

Our sessions felt like business therapy, I enjoyed the fact that Michelle could communicate back to me what I was trying to say is simpler terms.

After working together, I left with a simple 3 Word Rebellion that makes sense alone and allows for a deeper dive. I feel like I have my next 5 years of marketing planned and ready to execute.”

– BB French, Real Estate Broker


Can we work on my 3 Word Rebellion during this session?

When I work 1:1 with clients to discover their 3 Word Rebellion it can take us up to one-month to unearth it, so this session does not have sufficient time for us to do this work. 

The B.O.L.D Messaging Sesh is focused on tweaking your current messaging and marketing for your business. 

If you want to work on your 3 Word Rebellion, please book a discovery call to talk about working with me 1:1 for 90-days

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. Please email me directly michelle@drmichellemazur.com for details.

What’s the difference between the B.O.L.D. Messaging Sesh and your 1:1 work in the 3 Word Rebellion® Messaging Intensive?

The 3 Word Rebellion® Messaging Intensive is for expert business owners who are ready to upgrade their messaging so that they can become thought leaders in their industry. The intensive is a 3-month program where we create their 3 Word Rebellion, client journey, signature stories, lead magnet, conversion pathway, and much, more.

This consulting session is meant to give you quick, focused clarity around one or two aspects of your messaging so you can sell more of your product or service. 

What if I decide after our B.O.L.D Messaging Sesh that I want to work with you 1:1?

Yes! You can definitely work with me in the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive after our sesh. In fact, you can even apply 50% of your investment from the B.O.L.D. Messaging Sesh towards that work.

Book Your Consulting Sesh for $750

Get on the Waitlist to Be Notified  When You Can Book!

“I now have anchors for everything from podcasting to speaking to social media outreach to informing the type of work I do.

Working with Michelle and her see-inside-your-brain-and-heart wizardry, we quickly honed in on my 3 most important topics and corresponding stories to help bring the audience along on the journey with me.

I now have anchors for everything from podcasting to speaking to social media outreach to informing the type of work I do…and I’m SO EXCITED TO SHARE IT.

Jen Vertanen

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Create your one-of-a-kind message that is the ultimate hook and the message you want to be known for!

The 3 Word Rebellion is the key to go from business owner to thought leader.

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