Communication Rebel, Michelle Mazur, speech coach


The Founder of
Communication Rebel

My mission?
To shake up presentations.

I deliver audacious breakthroughs to entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and thought leaders who not only want to make a difference in the world but get PAID to be that catalyst of change.

To have a breakthrough of this magnitude takes breaking the rules, challenging your industry and audience and letting your ideas blaze a new path.

Your audience needs to be at the center of your presentation
and you must understand how to leverage your strengths
to influence the audience and be the catalyst for change.

I’ve logged over 10,000 hours of speaking to groups of all sizes, from small public speaking classes of 10 to audiences of over 1,000. I’m so obsessed with all things communication that I received a Ph.D. in Communication specializing in persuasion. I’m also a Certified Fascination Advisor so I know how the world sees you at your best and how to use those strengths in your next presentation.

Your Results are my Focus.

I know what it takes to make you the best of the best in your field. To up-level your speaking business so that you’re consistently booked out with paid speaking opportunities.
Over the course of my 20 plus year career, I’ve done so for hundreds of speakers.

The speakers I work with have gone on to:

> book speaking gigs across the United States
> raise 3x the amount of money expected for the launch of their charity
> pitch multi-million dollar start-ups
> and speak in front of world leaders and First Ladies


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It’s the change you create for your audience. It’s the ultimate hook and the message you want to be known for!

These 3 words are the key to getting known as a speaker and booked to speak.

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