Scaled Back On Social Media & Started Doing “Less but Better” Marketing

Name: Diann Wingert

Business: Business Coaching

Target Market: ADHD-ish entrepreneurs


Problem: Diann is an extrovert and a natural-born joiner. Because of that, she was in too many programs trying to implement too many different, conflicting marketing strategies, and she was on the edge of burnout.

“I had lost my ability to trust my own intuition, instincts and my own critical thinking,”

But still, Diann felt like she needed “a solid group of support from genuine talk about challenges in our businesses, challenges with clients, just challenges with marketing and all kinds of things.

Success: Since Diann stopped listening to so many different voices and began figuring out how to market on her own terms, she scaled way back on social media  She finds herself doing less marketing and being more effective at it. 

By being in fewer places, more intentionally, more consistently, and with a much deeper and richer commitment. I’m doing much better. I’m not on the edge of burnout anymore. And I do believe I’m going to figure marketing out. But not by myself.

One of Diann’s biggest transformations was owning her expertise and realizing that most mass-marketed advice doesn’t work for experts

She can confidently move forward and market on her own terms and get feedback whenever she needs it because The Club has her back.

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Uncovered the Message that Makes Her Business Stand Out In a Crowded Marketplace

Name: Bev Feldman

Business: Email Automation Strategy & ConvertKit Specialist

Client: Coaches & Consultants


Problem: Bev knew what she did was different but struggled to differentiate her services in a saturated market.

She was great at closing sales once people got on a call with her, “I was having a hard time…getting people onto the call that’s challenging and understanding, figuring out how to differentiate what I do from everyone else out there,” Bev shared.

Success: She refined her messaging strategy and revamped her website copy, moving beyond the technical aspects of her work to emphasize its strategic value.

She also named her newsletter, Automate with Heart, which communicates how she’s different to her subscribers and aligns with her values.

Moreover, Bev found the club’s community to be a source of not only emotional support and inspiration but also unexpected business opportunities. “A nice benefit, which I wasn’t expecting, but like people in the group have hired me,” Bev noted, underscoring the trust and respect fostered within the club.

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Stopped Overmarketing By Focusing on Marketing Tactics that Worked to Book Clients

Name: Pauline Wiles

Business: Website Design

Target Market: Authors


Problem: Pauline’s business was “moving along it certainly wasn’t where I wanted to be in terms of the number of clients or the type of clients.

She decided to join the club because she knew that “my messaging could almost certainly use some work” and she felt as an Introvert being in a community of other experts “would be good for her.”

Success:  After doing the messaging sprints, she realized that her messaging was unfocused because she was trying to speak to too many business owners. This insight led her to narrow her focus exclusively to authors.

Her clients often comment on the specificity of her message,” the majority of my clients, when they hire me, they say, Oh, I love that you specialize in author websites.”

A critical turning point for Pauline was recognizing the trap of overmarketing, a topic extensively discussed within the club.  During a roundtable discussion on overmarketing, she realized her marketing efforts were scattered, driven by a fear of not securing enough clients

This epiphany prompted her to figure out what works to bring clients into her business. What she found surprised her: She wasn’t getting her clients through email marketing; the majority of her clients found her via SEO. 

Because of that she had the confidence to email her list LESS and let go of professional organizations that weren’t leading to new clients (and clearing her calendar of Zoom Calls!).

By focusing on a specific niche, she significantly improved her messaging, making it easier to connect with her right-fit clients and enhancing her SEO performance. 

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