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One Expert Business Owner’s Journey of Standing Out in A Crowded Market

You know what you do is different. If you can just get a potential client on a call, you’ll know they’ll see what makes you stand out and hire you. 

But communicating the difference and the value you create seems like a herculean task.

That’s exactly the situation, Bev Feldman, Email Automation Strategist, found herself in before she joined The Expert Up Club.

Before The Club: A Struggle to Differentiate in a Crowded Marketplace

Bev faced a common yet daunting challenge: differentiating her services in a saturated market. 

Despite her expertise in email automation, particularly with ConvertKit, Bev found it difficult to convey the depth and uniqueness of her offerings.

I was having a hard time…getting people onto the call that's challenging and understanding, figuring out how to differentiate what I do from everyone else out there.”

This struggle was compounded by her desire not to be pigeonholed to a single platform as she sought a broader appeal for her business.

For Bev, automation was not a cold and soulless process. Instead, it allowed her customers to tailor their emails to their audience and increase sales. 

But how do you communicate that?

Why She Joined The Club: Transparent Sales Process + Community

Bev was drawn by my (Michelle Mazur's) reputation and the promise of a supportive community of like-minded business owners. She decided to join The Expert Up Club. 

Her decision was influenced by many factors, including my helpful content, a great reputation, and the opportunity to talk to me before joining.

You allowed me to book a call with you just to talk it through…I knew you weren't gonna, like, try to sell me hard on it on the call,” Bev explained, highlighting the personalized approach that set the club apart.

Inside the Expert Up Club: Bev Clarified Her Message & Built New Relationships

Inside the Club, Bev attended the messaging sprints, the quarterly marketing retreat, and our live Q&A calls. 

Through messaging sprints and additional workshops, she refined her messaging strategy, moving beyond the technical aspects of her work to emphasize its strategic value.

I've used the content that you've shared…to help me with my own messaging,” Bev remarked, showing her implementation of the club's resources.

Moreover, Bev found the club's community to be a source of not only emotional support and inspiration but also unexpected business opportunities.

A nice benefit, which I wasn't expecting, but like people in the group have hired me,” Bev noted, underscoring the trust and professional respect fostered within the community.

Experts want to hire other experts. Although this result is not typical, it can happen inside The Expert Up Club, where we prioritize relationships. 

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The Result: Clearer Messaging and Strengthened Connections

The Expert Up Club supported Bev in honing her messaging to stand out to her right-fit clients and allowed her to expand her network. 

Bev revamped the copy on her website to support her re-brand, and she changed the name of her newsletter to, Automate with Heart, to convey how her business is different and the value she creates for her clients. 

Additionally, the supportive community allowed Bev to receive and provide valuable feedback, furthering her growth and that of her peers.

She often likes to attend live Q&A calls even if she doesn’t have a question because she knows she’ll always learn something valuable for her business. 

Standing Our in a Crowded Market Through The Expert Up Club

Bev Feldman's journey within the Expert Up Club showcases the power and potential of combining expert guidance with a supportive community. By clarifying her messaging so her business stands out and engaging with fellow business owners, Bev addressed her initial challenges and found new opportunities for growth and collaboration. 

Her story is a testament to the club's ability to help expert business owners articulate their value, connect meaningfully with their peers, and grow their businesses.

Want to know more about The Expert Up Club? Check out the details and book your private tour today.

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