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4 Questions Every Business Owner Needs to Answer to Make More Sales

  Well, isn’t that curious? Curiosity and staying curious is one of the core values of my company Communication Rebel. And I’m curious by nature. I always want to know how something works, or I want to hear the backstory of how you came up with that remarkable idea. I’m constantly reading to find out […]

Defense Against the Bro Marketing Dark Arts: How to Escape Manipulation & Make Good Business Investments

Bro Marketing. The online business world breathes it in like air. If you don’t think you’ve run into Bro Marketing before, consider the following the statement: “Time is running out. This offer is only good until midnight. You’ll never be able to get this price again. You deserve to invest in yourself.” Sound familiar? That’s […]

What the Hell is Messaging & Why Does Your Business Need It?

  It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. Now, you might think that I’m thinking about the song because it’s election season and it feels like the end of the world, but really I thought of that song today because I’ve been thinking a lot about my time […]

Scaling Empathy with Kira Hug

One question my clients are asking me right now is, “How should I be marketing my business in November?” Now, November is code for, “I think the election is going to be a shit-show and everyone’s going to be distracted. So what should I do?” And you know what? I am right there with you. […]

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