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The Importance of Owning Your Message

When most people say own your message, they’re talking about living your message every single day. Walking your talk and sharing your message with your audience. I agree that’s important. However, when I say you must own your message, I mean you must trademark that message. Recently I was on a training and the speaker […]

Playing to an Audience of One

It’s easy to think that once you have your 3 Word Rebellion, that your message will take off overnight. Rebel Truth: We All Start at Zero Listen in on this episode to learn why this is not only an important truth to know but also a great starting point. Tune Into the Audio: It’s easy […]

Unshakeable Confidence with Tanya Geisler

Today my good friend and mentor, Tanya Geisler, joins me on the Rebel Rising Podcast. We’re talking about such an important tool, the Unshakeable Confidence. This conversation and Tanya’s work, in general, is something that needs to be heard by every entrepreneur. Tanya GeislerĀ is a certified Leadership Coach, TEDxWomen speaker, and writer who teaches women […]

The Downside Of Being Known for Your Work (And What to do About It)

Once upon a time I got curious and asked a question in the Rebel Rising Facebook group, would you rather be famous or make an impact? Now take a moment and think about how you would answer this question. The results in the facebook group were overwhelming. People wanted to make an impact and no […]

Step into Your Moxie with Alexia Vernon

Join Alexia Vernon, author of Step Into Your Moxie, and I as we dive deep into exactly what it means to step into your moxie and own your power and influence as a woman. Alexia explains why women should rebel against the idea that we have to look and act a certain way to be […]

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It’s the change you create for your audience. It’s the ultimate hook and the message you want to be known for!

These 3 words are the key to go from business owner and speaker to influencer.

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