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Why Focusing On Your Audience & Clients is the Fastest Way to Stand Out

There’s a big push in the online industry to focus on yourself and what makes you different because that helps to create trust and authenticity. I’m all for this, but what about our audience? What makes your audience different from every other audience? What makes them so ideal for your business? What are they struggling […]

Standing Out in A Crowded Market (4-Part Masterclass)

“Scale your business.” “Grow your biz to 6-figure months.” “Live the life you’re dreaming of!” “Your story is unique, use your voice!” These are the things I see over and over again when I scroll Instagram– so many business owners saying the same things. No one knows how to stand out in a crowded market […]

What’s the Difference Between Messaging, Marketing and Copy?

Do you know the difference between messaging, marketing, and copy? I’ve taken multiple copywriting classes, and this isn’t because I want to one day make a career change and become a copywriter, but rather it helps me to be better at what I do. Having some expertise in copywriting helps me to nail messaging in […]

How Emotions are Key to Closing More Sales

We often underestimate the power of emotions to build connection with our people, even though we often use emotions to help measure the deliverables and outcomes of our services. So, if you’re starting to feel like your sales are stalling out in your business, the best thing that you can do is take inventory of […]

Why You’re Not Getting Any Leads and What Do About It

Do you know the real purpose of marketing and messaging? You’re probably thinking, “Of course Michelle, sales! To increase revenue.” But that’s not actually right. The real purpose of (good) marketing is to lead people through the content you create and cultivate conversation and relationship with your audience. And throughout all that, you’re helping them […]

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