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The One Essential Ingredient Your Business Needs to Influence Millions

Businesses who make the greatest impact, who influence thousands, if not millions of people and make a great income, have one thing figured out. It’s the one thing that is associated with their name and how they serve the world. Without it, it is difficult to rise up, make the impact that you want to […]

Claim Your Vision By Finding Your Role Model Of Possibility

When you think about having a mission and vision for your business? Do you think of something like this: “We interactively communicate scalable alignments in order that we may progressively create multimedia-based potentialities while promoting personal employee growth.” Y-U-C-K! When I was in corporate, senior leadership would spend hours and hours developing vision and mission […]

Introducing the Rebel Rising Podcast

*drum roll please* I am excited to announce to you the beginning of a new era: The Rebel Rising podcast. Last week, I said goodbye to the Rebel Speaker podcast because I have changed. My business is evolving and the impact that I want to make in this world had changed. Finally, I am owning […]

What to Say When You Outgrow the Business You’ve Created

Change is inevitable for business owners and speakers. We are bound to change as we learn more about ourselves, more about our clients, and more about how we best serve. I’ve seen James Wedmore evolve from being that video guy to that Business by Design guy. I’ve witnessed Tara McMullin, formerly Tara Gentile, not only […]

Owning Your Power with Lena West

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend that too many business owners and speakers are abdicating their leadership role in their industry in favor for the four hour work week, or in pursuit of their next seven, eight, nine figure launch. If you’re a business owner, you are a leader. If you’re a speaker, you are a […]

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It’s the change you create for your audience. It’s the ultimate hook and the message you want to be known for!

These 3 words are the key to go from business owner and speaker to influencer.

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