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What Change Are You Creating with Your Speech?

Every movement and every speech must be moving people away from something, away from something that’s in the status quo and towards something else. We have talked about what you’re rebelling against in the status quo of your industry. What do you want to shake up? What do you want to change? What are you […]

The First Steps in Starting a Movement with Your Message

It’s so easy to look at other people’s endings and compare those to your beginning or even your middle. I think speakers do that a lot especially when they are trying to create something bigger than themselves. Something with more meaning, with more impact, with the potential to make a difference. It’s so easy in […]

Speaking for Impact Begins with YOU!

For the past two episodes of the podcast, we’ve been talking about building something much bigger than a speaking business. Something with much more impact. Something that has the potential to change lives or even society or culture. And I’ve been calling you to step into something huge, something that you are at the epicenter […]

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