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8 Jobs Your Message Does for Your Business

Have you ever sat down and thought about what your message does for your business?

I mean, really think about what the words on your website or the post you share on social media do for you and your business 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Those words bring new people to your community, bring you clients and bring you more opportunities to share that message.

Your message does a ton for you and your business and we're going to discuss the eight specific things that your message can do for you when you have the right message on today's pod.

But before we do, I wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a live training on October 10th at 11:00 AM Pacific, 2:00 PM Eastern, called the 3 Word Rebellion: Create Your Messaging so that it Reaches Millions, Impact Millions and Makes You Millions.

Let's talk about why your message is the workhorse of your business in ways that you probably have never even thought about before.

Tune Into the Audio:

#1. Your Message Gets people to sit up and take notice

The first big task that your message performs for your business is simple, it gets people to sit up and take notice. It builds the awareness of your brand and your mission.

Let's face it, it's noisy out there on the Internet. There are so many gurus and marketers shouting and yelling at you, getting you to like click on clickbait titles and all of the cutesy little memes.

Now all of a sudden our attention spans are that of a goldfish, seven seconds. When it is so noisy and when our attention spans are so short, quality content, quality messages like yours and like mine, well, they frankly get lost.

So it's more important than ever that you have a clear message. A message that inspires curiosity. So people want to know more.

And that's why you should have a 3 Word Rebellion so that you can rise above the noise that is out there with your content, your quality, and consistency.

Ask yourself right now is my current message provoking curiosity? Does it make people want to know more?

And if it doesn't, your message isn't working as hard as it should for you, and you should spend some time figuring out a message that will make people curious.


#2. Your Message Grows your audience

The second thing your message does for your business is it grows your audience. The bigger your audience, the bigger the difference you and your message makes. The consistency in which you share that message is how your audience grows.

It's how you get known in that noisy environment. You need to be sharing your 3 Word Rebellion daily. The more often you're sharing and you're sharing the same message with the same type of content, the bigger your audience will grow.

I realized this is a mindset shift for you to think about sharing and re-sharing content that you're creating, but that is how you're going to get known.


#3. Your Message Clearly communicates what your business offers

The third task, your message performs for your business is that it clearly communicates what your business offers. When I land on your website, when I read a podcast pitch, when I'm following you on social media, is it clear what your business actually does or is it confusing?

Erika Lyremark, who was my guest on the show, episode 121, and she talked about product confidence.

When you land on Erika’s website, it says business advice for bold women. Yes, I know exactly what Erika is offering and who it's for. You couldn't get clearer than that in just four words.

Ask yourself is it clear what you do and who you serve when people land on your website?

Because for your business to work for you, for your message to work for you, you need to clearly communicate what your business offers.


#4. Shows the value of the results you get for your clients so that you get more clients!

The fourth task that your message does for your business is it shows the value of the results you attain for your clients and customers.

The biggest thing I am seeing when I am conducting the Rebel Messaging Audits for business owners and speakers is that they're missing concrete results.

They tend to speak in generalities like “live your best life”, transform your work environment. I have no idea what that means.

One of the things I do when I work with business owners and speakers is to make sure that part of their messaging package is that they are showing the concrete results that they produce. They don't do it just by talking about generalities.

If I say to you, my client's book more speaking gigs with their message, that's pretty good, pretty concrete. But if I got even more specific and said with his new message, my client booked a keynote speech at Microsoft at double his normal fee. Wow, that's a concrete result. That's a concrete result that speaks to the people I most want to reach.

Your action item here is to produce more content that showcases the results from your clients. It should be one of the pillars of your brand is the results that you produce.


#5. Shows how you’re different from anyone else in your industry and why people should follow your lead

The fifth task that your message does for your business is that it shows how you’re different from everyone else in your industry and why people should follow your lead.

Sally Hogshead, the creator of the fascinate assessment says “different is better than better.”

If you're different, you stand out and people want to know you and do business with you.

Your messaging is how you illustrate your difference. You do that by having strong viewpoints that differentiate and position you amongst your competition.

On my website, you get a taste of my difference when you land there. It says, “your ideas must do more than spread.” Your audience must act on your message or your impact is lost.”

This is a very clear, well-defined viewpoint that is positioning me against TED. So I am taking this rebel stance and either you're going to be in or you're going to be out.

What you need to do, and what I would encourage you to do is to go back to the 3 Word Rebellion playbook. And if you don't have 3 Word Rebellion playbook, it's free.

Get your hands on it. It will help you establish your strong viewpoints and even write a brand manifesto. Go to and grab it.

Go get your 3 Word Rebellion playbook and look under the sections about what you're rebelling against what ticks you off because that is how you're going to find your positioning and how you're different from other people who do what you do.


#6. Your Message Increases your income and your impact

The sixth thing your message does for your business is it increases your income and your impact. and This should go without saying. If you are known by more people, you'll get to work with more people.

I saw an interview with Simon Sinek who said he started out his business by doing Start with Why sessions for $100 a pop in people's living rooms.

As his message got more exposure, his influence grew. He could reach more people. Now, I don't even think he does these sessions anymore. He does very high end consulting now for a lot of money.

Your focus needs to be on growing your impact. Getting your message out there and knowing the income will come.


#7. Your Message gets you booked for speaking gigs, workshops, retreats, and podcasts

Task number seven that your message does for your business is that it gets you booked for speaking gigs, workshops, retreats, and podcasts.

I have a bit of a rant. I get a lot of podcast pitches for the Rebel Rising and I love getting pitches, but I have to say the vast majority of them, I am not sure what I would talk to that person about. Their message is so general, so nonspecific that I would have to do an enormous amount of work in order to create questions to talk to them about.

I get pitches from people who speak on communication and marketing and sales and those are huge topics. If they had a 3 Word Rebellion, if they had an angle, it would be easier for me to say yes. So don't pitch like that. Don't send a blind pitch saying that you can speak about almost anything on a broad topic.

When you are clear on your message, it's compelling and curiosity provoking. You establish the value that you will create for the audience.

For me, I'm pitching for podcasts right now and I know that people struggle with their message, especially business owners, and I know how essential it is for making your business grow and catapulting you into the spotlight. That's the way I position the 3 Word Rebellion messaging framework because that's the value that I'm delivering to that audience.


#8. Makes the media pay attention to you

The final thing your message does for your business is it makes the media pay attention to you. Let's face it, Ellen isn't going to call unless she knows you've got something good to say.

The media, it's a great place to get exposure for your business, get known for your message and increase your reach. But the media is looking for a story. They're looking for an angle and that's what your message does, so if you want to reach more people and be on tv or your local news, then have a message with an angle that grabs their attention.

Your message is the heartbeat of your business. It does a ton of heavy lifting for your business. It's always working for you even when you're not working. It's got to be compelling curiosity, provoking and clear.

To do all of that, you might want my eyes on your message for free.

I've started a new offering called the Rebel Messaging Audit and you can go apply for it.

What will happen next is we'll hop on a call and I will audit your current messaging. I'll give you three to four actionable pieces of feedback on what needs to change so that you can reach your goals and make that jump to thought leader. Plus, I'll tell you a little bit about how we can work together to make that happen. So go to to apply.

Your message does a lot for you. If you spend the time, energy, and money on it now, it will work hard for you and your business for years to come.

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