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Why Nailing Your Message Has the Power to Change Your Business

If you’ve listened to almost any of my other podcast episodes or visited my website, then you know messaging is important to me. Today I’m talking about the power of nailing your message and how it can transform your business. In my newest solo episode, I’m going to share three reasons why nailing your message is […]

From Inner Kiddo to CEO with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Nicole Lewis-Keeber is joining me today on the podcast. Nicole has over 20 years in the mental health field, including a Master’s degree in social work and a licensed social worker. Today we’re talking about the different types of traumas that we can experience throughout our lifetimes and how these traumas can deeply affect our […]

Cultivating a Mindset that Allows You to Make Your Impact

If we let our minds run free, it goes places that we don’t necessarily need to go to and then all of a sudden you find yourself stressed out. Having anxiety in the middle of the night or sometimes even in the middle of the day for no apparent reason. To do the change making […]

Evolving Your 3 Word Rebellion with Rachel Alexandria

After receiving many messages through signs and psychics, Rachel Alexandria began her journey to understand and integrate her calling as an energy healer and intuitive in 2006. Since then, she has worked with hundreds of clients as a therapist and now as a Leadership and Power Guide. Via Spirit’s guidance, she has innovated dozens of programs as […]

Show Up and Engage on Instagram with Sue B. Zimmerman

Sue B. is joining me on today’s episode and we are talking about the importance of being visible and really showing up in the world. We’ll be digging into Instagram and why it is such a valuable social media channel. Sue B. is a network ninja who believes that sometimes all it takes is a […]

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