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The Five Reasons You Want Your Business to be In-Demand

In the last episode of the podcast, we talked about an unspoken problem that happens in a business where you’re almost always at capacity for client work, but you never quite get there. You always have a few client spots left to fill and you’re hustling to find the next client because of cash flow. […]

The Unspoken Problem in Online Business

Have you heard about the ‘’It’s time to make the donuts’’ phase of the business?  If you’re a child of the eighties and you lived on the east coast, certainly you remember the famous commercial from Dunkin Donuts, when Fred, the baker, tiredly walks out the door and back in, crying out ‘’I made the […]

Case Study: Why You Should Stop Over Nurturing Your Audience

Have you heard about the term over nurturing? Over nurturing is the act of continually giving more value to your audience, while only on rare occasions asking for the sale.  There is an epidemic in the online space where we have been taught to always be giving value, but we’re not taught actually how to […]

Is the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive Right for You?

When I talked to my clients about using their message to sell, there’s always this pushback around not wanting to be too salesy, too self-promotional. They don’t want to email too many times and they don’t want to talk too much about the work they do. Does any of that sound familiar to you? I […]

The Best Way to Create Content that Engages Your Right Fit Client

There’s a piece of internet marketing advice that floats around the internet that we, myself included until lately, largely ignore. We ignore it because it feels overcomplicated or might feel intrusive on our audience, our clients, or potential clients, or sometimes it feels like a lot of work, when actually it isn’t. And that advice […]

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