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Is the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive Right for You?

When I talked to my clients about using their message to sell, there’s always this pushback around not wanting to be too salesy, too self-promotional. They don’t want to email too many times and they don’t want to talk too much about the work they do. Does any of that sound familiar to you? I […]

The Best Way to Create Content that Engages Your Right Fit Client

There’s a piece of internet marketing advice that floats around the internet that we, myself included until lately, largely ignore. We ignore it because it feels overcomplicated or might feel intrusive on our audience, our clients, or potential clients, or sometimes it feels like a lot of work, when actually it isn’t. And that advice […]

Why You Should Ditch Ideal Client Avatars & Do This Instead

Truth time: How many ideal client avatars have you created for your business? If I had to guess, probably a crap ton, right? Every business program wants you to do one and they all sound something like this, “Makayla is a 38 year old entrepreneur and a mom to three cats. She loves watching highbrow […]

The Missing Ingredient for Wildly Effective Word of Mouth Marketing

Have you ever done that marketing exercise where you go to your three best clients and ask them what it is they think you do? And then you’ve gotten three different answers to that question or you hear things like, “Oh, you’re so magical. I couldn’t live without you. You know, people just need to […]

3 Ways to Repel Clients Who Aren’t the Right Fit for Your Business

You don’t have to work with shitty clients. There, I said it. In fact, you don’t even have to have sales calls with potentially shitty clients. One thing that breaks my heart is when my clients are working with people who don’t appreciate their skills or talents, or they’re working with people who just are […]

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