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I Believe Everyone Can Be a Thought Leader (and Yes That Means You)

This episode of the podcast was recorded about a month and a half ago, so that was before the coronavirus really hit the United States, it was before it really took its grip here in Seattle, and it was definitely before the crash of the economy. As I was reading through the transcript and deciding […]

How to Find & Craft Stories Worthy of Your Business

In the last episode of the podcast, we talked about the three signature stories that your business needs to turn strangers into clients, connection stories, reason to believe stories, and, elevated social proof stories. So, if you haven’t listened to last week’s episode of the pod, you’ll want to do that before diving into this […]

Signature Stories Your Business Needs to Tell to Turn Strangers Into Clients

Do you ever wonder what makes certain business owners successful? It’s the stories they tell. Naturally, human beings are storytelling machines because we want to be relatable, we want to connect with each other and find our common ground. This truth is one that every business owner should keep in mind when creating content that […]

How Do You Get Paid with Claire Pelletreau

Hey rebels, this week Claire Pelletreau joins me on The Rebel Rising Podcast. Clair is one of my own favorite podcasters, and a rebellious entrepreneur that I’ve looked up to and learned a lot from myself. Her show, The Get Paid Podcast, focuses on the offerings that people are really getting paid for, while asking […]

Celebrating the First Anniversary of the 3 Word Rebellion Book

Raise your wine glass because it’s the first anniversary of the the 3 Word Rebellion book and we’re celebrating all week! This past year has been a whirlwind, I honestly can’t even believe it’s been a full year already since my book, my baby, launched. I took some time to read through my initial launch […]

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