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How To Differentiate Your Expertise To Carve Your Unique Place In The Market

  Your client has a lot of options when it comes to solving their problem. There’s so much competition and competition for their time, energy, and financial resources. >>>How do you make sure that your business is the one they choose? >>>How do you show you’re different from the web celebs with charismatic marketing? You […]

How to Overcome Overmarketing & Book More Clients

Overmarketing is an easy trap to fall into because, in business, visibility equals opportunity.  It’s easy to think that the more you market—the more opportunities you’ll have. But that thinking is a one-way ticket to overmarketing. Overmarketing happens when business owners split their limited focus. Whether it’s multiple audiences or marketing tactics, you’re doing too […]

One Expert Business Owner’s Journey of Standing Out in A Crowded Market

You know what you do is different. If you can just get a potential client on a call, you’ll know they’ll see what makes you stand out and hire you.  But communicating the difference and the value you create seems like a herculean task. That’s exactly the situation, Bev Feldman, Email Automation Strategist, found herself […]

Why Your 3-Word Rebellion Matters for Expertise-Driven Businesses

  “Hey! Look at me!” “Hey! Buy my program…Read my blog…Listen to my podcast!” “Smash that subscribe button!” “Hey, I’ve got the only foolproof way to solve your problem!” Let’s face it. It’s noisy out in the marketplace. On social media, it seems like everyone is hawking their wares, talking about how much money they […]

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