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What the Heck Is Branding with Robyn Graham

In the online business world, we tend to throw around a lot of jargon that is never defined, then we’re left, scratching our head and wondering what the heck does that mean to me? One of those words is “brand” or “personal branding” or “branding” in general. I know some people think that your brand […]

Why Your Words & Message Matter More than You Think In Business

It’s time we talk about why the words and language you use every day in your business matter, why they can be the thing that ultimately lead to your success or your failure. Why? Because I’ve heard so many times that your message doesn’t matter because at the end of the day it’s just a […]

Brand Messaging Platform: What it is & Why Your Online Business Needs One

Do you know what some of the most successful businesses have in common? They have a brand messaging platform. Unless you’ve gone to B-School (not the Marie Forleo variety), you’ve probably never heard of one before. Companies from Microsoft to Frigidaire, to your favorite online business owner, use one, but what exactly is it? It […]

How We Can Support Your Business’s Messaging & Marketing

The job of messaging is to communicate the value your business creates and sell your services! Let me ask you… When was the last time you told the world how they could work with you? How you could uniquely help them in their business or their life? When was the last time you actually promoted […]

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