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Clarifying Your Message Leads to A More Effective Sales Process

  I love sales. I know most people don’t feel this way about making sales and it took me years to feel like this about having sales conversations. But now I love the opportunity to meet someone new, to talk about their business and where it’s going, and then I get to help them decide […]

Sell the Results, Not the Solution

  If I went to your website right now, would I understand what your work does for me? Is the result that I am looking for–that I would pay you money for–representing in your message? Or are you falling into the overlooked expert trap of leading with your solution? Experts are obsessed with their solutions. […]

Marketing Messaging Make-Over

  Have you ever noticed  how many clichés there are in online business? Scale your business. Grow your audience. Take it to the next level. Make money while you sleep. Do it all while avoiding burnout. Now, if everyone is saying the same thing and relying on these clichéd marketing messages, it makes it hard […]

The Unfair Advantage of the Overlooked Expert

  Carving out your unique place in the market is critical. Any messaging expert worth their salt will tell you that one of the jobs of your message is to differentiate your business so you stand out. And so people will understand why they should hire you instead of your competition. You can be the […]

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