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The Missing Puzzle Piece in Your Marketing Message

  Your marketing message is a bit like a puzzle. There are multiple pieces that come together in a unique way that form a compelling and persuasive story about why your right-fit clients would choose to work with you. But too many times, business owners are missing a piece of the puzzle and, no, their […]

Dispelling Messaging Myths: The Power of Misconceptions

  No one understands your work quite like you do. What you consider common knowledge, your potential clients don’t even know about – it is not on their radar. And this is part of the curse of expertise. What we think as experts is universally understood – it’s not. And what your potential clients don’t […]

How To Address Pain Points Without Being A Jerk

  Do you hate the idea of pressing on people’s pain points? Agitating the pain so that the only solution to make it stop is by giving you money? I do too. It’s gross. It’s icky, and, unfortunately, it works. But there’s another way to talk about your clients’ struggles and challenges without feeling like […]

Tapping into the Customer Awareness Spectrum to Market with Intention

  Who are you talking to? And I don’t mean just your right-fit client. You probably know that you’re talking to moms, other business owners, or women in tech looking to make a career change. But who are you talking to in relationship with your business? Have they been following you for ages, or did […]

Voice of Customer: The Most Overlooked Piece of the Marketing Message

  The foundation for all your messaging is something that is so often overlooked and skipped by many solo business owners. This is an essential piece of messaging for ensuring that you’re able to capture the attention of the people you want to serve. It helps you grow your audience. This piece of messaging also […]

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