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Listen Up Overlooked Expert: Control The Message

  One of the biggest lessons I learned in my business early on is to focus on what you can control. There are so many things in business that are out of our control. Like whether that prospective client says yes to working with us, whether or not we land that podcast interview or that […]

Overcoming the Challenge of Being an Overlooked Expert

  My husband and I love to play the game “spot the character actor” when we watch TV.  You know, the actors that make you say, wait, what have I seen that person in? Why do they look so familiar? Because they’ve been in freakin’ everything. But you have to google them to figure out […]

Are You The Overlooked Expert?

  Have you ever asked yourself, “If I’m so good at what I do, why don’t more people know about me?” Honestly, I’ve asked this question of myself a lot and I’ve become obsessed with figuring out the answer in my own business and for my clients. I get to work with a ton of […]

How to Be the Unmistakable Player in the Game of Communication

  Did you play MadLibs as a kid? Your partner would ask for a noun, a verb, an adjective, a number, etc. and at the end, your friend would read back the MadLib and it would spit out a nonsensical and sometimes hilarious and/or wildly inappropriate story. Well, the other day I discovered a piece […]

How to Get Your Marketing Message Heard

  Have you ever said to yourself, if I can just get people on the phone with me, I know I can make the sale. But the problem is getting them to that phone call in the first place. I hear this all the time when I’m on a call with a potential client. And […]

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