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Brand Messaging Platform: What it is & Why Your Online Business Needs One

Do you know what some of the most successful businesses have in common? They have a brand messaging platform. Unless you’ve gone to B-School (not the Marie Forleo variety), you’ve probably never heard of one before. Companies from Microsoft to Frigidaire, to your favorite online business owner, use one, but what exactly is it? It […]

How We Can Support Your Business’s Messaging & Marketing

The job of messaging is to communicate the value your business creates and sell your services! Let me ask you… When was the last time you told the world how they could work with you? How you could uniquely help them in their business or their life? When was the last time you actually promoted […]

How to Know If Your Business is READY for Messaging

But how do you know if your business is ready for brand messaging? It’s time to decided because indecision will suck you dry. For me, my biggest energy suck is languishing in indecision. I can go down the research rabbit hole until I wear myself out. Then, I usually just decide to put the decision […]

Uncage Your Epic Credential with Caroline Mays

It’s frustrating when words fail to capture the work you do for your clients. Sure, you may have your, I help X with Y so they can Z statement, but deep down, you know, that statement doesn’t actually capture the real results of your work. When that happens, you end up getting lumped in with […]

Why Your Title Matters Less Than You Think

Coach Consultant CEO Mentor These are some of the titles I have used in the past, what do you call yourself? This is probably one of the biggest challenges my clients face – choosing a title. But, what if I told you that your title matters less than you think?  Three things that you should […]

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