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How to Overcome Overmarketing & Book More Clients

Overmarketing is an easy trap to fall into because, in business, visibility equals opportunity

It’s easy to think that the more you market—the more opportunities you’ll have.

But that thinking is a one-way ticket to overmarketing. Overmarketing happens when business owners split their limited focus.

Whether it’s multiple audiences or marketing tactics, you’re doing too much and not seeing results. 

How do you overcome overmarketing? 

Pauline Wiles, a website designer for authors, shares her journey about how The Expert Up Club allowed her to focus on marketing that produced results. 

Let’s dive in. 

Before Joining the Expert Up Club: Search for Traction

Pauline told me that her business was “moving along it certainly wasn't where I wanted to be in terms of the number of clients or the type of clients.”

Even though she wasn’t looking for a community when she ran into one of The Expert Up Club's members at a conference, her interest was piqued, and she wanted to find out more about The Club.

“I'm an introvert. I don't have a strong drive to be in the community. I'm pretty sure it's something I need.

What was definitely attractive about [The Club] is not a bunch of beginners.

These are seasoned owners who don't necessarily have it all figured out. Not everybody is in the perfect place that they want to be with their business. And there will be some expertise and nuance being shared.”


The Decision to Join: An Impulse Towards Growth

Pauline’s decision to join The Club was somewhat impulsive (although she did do her research on The Club and its founder, Dr. Michelle Mazur). 

“I figured it would be good for me to be in the community and that my messaging could almost certainly use some work,” she explained, highlighting the allure of the club's promise to refine and elevate her business's messaging.

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Inside the Club: Permission to Get Specific

Joining the Expert Up Club began a significant transformation for Pauline. First, she found the community of experts she didn’t know she was looking for. 

The club provides an encouraging, and positive environment, fostering a sense of belonging among like-minded business owners.

“It is a very strong and cohesive and engaged and active place to be,” Pauline observed, praising the club's vibrant community and the commitment of its founder, Michelle Mazur, to create a nurturing space for growth.

One of the pivotal moments for Pauline was realizing the importance of specificity in her niche, a revelation that came through participation in the club's messaging sprint. After doing the messaging sprints, she realized that her messaging was unfocused because she was trying to speak to too many business owners. 

I build websites for authors. Previously, I had considered other related professionals, like consultants, or speakers, with books. I realized that, in fact, there was no reason why authors weren't actually the perfect niche for me.

This insight led her to narrow her focus exclusively to authors, significantly clarifying her messaging and improving her marketing effectiveness. “It's so much easier…I can be specific about things like ‘do you want to sell more books?‘” Pauline noted, underscoring the power of targeted messaging.

Her clients often comment on the specificity of her message,” the majority of my clients, when they hire me, they say, Oh, I love that you specialize in author websites.”

Overcoming Overmarketing: A Lesson in Focus

A critical turning point for Pauline was recognizing the trap of overmarketing, a topic extensively discussed within the club. 

During a roundtable discussion on overmarketing, she realized her marketing efforts were scattered, driven by a fear of not securing enough clients

And so we run around, you know like the proverbial chicken trying to try to do everything,” Pauline commented. 

This epiphany prompted her to figure out what works to bring clients into her business. What she found surprised her: She wasn’t getting her clients through email marketing; the majority of her clients found her via SEO. 

Because of that she had the confidence to email her list LESS and  to let go of the shiny marketing tactics like:

“I was a member of three different professional organizations where I felt like I should be showing up in networking and going to meetings. I took the pressure off myself to get on this zoom call and try and make connections. Oh, I took that pressure off completely. And I mean, that's been lovely.”

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The Result: Marketing Less with More Focus on The Right Client

Pauline's journey through the Expert Up Club profoundly changed how she markets her business and to whom her messaging speaks. 

By focusing on a specific niche, she significantly improved her messaging, making it easier to connect with her right-fit clients and enhancing her SEO performance.

The club's supportive environment and focus on practical marketing strategies enabled Pauline to shed unproductive practices, focusing her efforts on what truly moved the needle for her business.

The Expert Up Club is a beacon for expert business owners like Pauline, offering a community that empowers, educates, and encourages growth through strategic marketing and niche specialization. 

Pauline's story is a testament to the club's transformative power, showcasing how the right community can revolutionize the way expert entrepreneurs market their businesses, leading to unparalleled success and fulfillment.

Ready to do less marketing with more focus on reaching the right people? Book a private tour of The Club today! 

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