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The Founder of
Communication Rebel

Communication Changes the World.

Michelle believes that speakers, entrepreneurs, and business owners should craft a message that is bigger than YOU and your business. This message should call in your audience. Incite action always. Turn the audience into the messengers of your Message.

Michelle Mazur, Ph.D. delivers audacious breakthroughs for business owners & speakers who want to stand out, be the best-in-class in their field, and position themselves in a category of one.

She is the CEO of Communication Rebel and the author of Speak Up for Your Business and Speak for Impact. The speakers and business owners she works with have gone on to book speaking gigs across the United States, raise 3x the amount of money expected for the launch of a charity, and speak in front of world leaders. Her rebel yell has appeared in Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, PR Daily, and She Owns It.

She lives in Seattle, WA with her adoring husband, 3 obsessive felines, and a huge collection of Duran Duran memorabilia.



Michelle is available to speak
on a number of topics, including:

  • 3 Word Rebellion — a framework for crafting a message that inspires change and builds your platform.

  • Using persuasion strategies for good in sales and speaking

  • Creating audience-centered messages that resonate and fascinate

  • How to create your own stage to share your message and grow your audience


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Create your one-of-a-kind message that is the ultimate hook and the message you want to be known for!

The 3 Word Rebellion is the key to go from business owner to thought leader.

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