Speaking is a crowded and competitive market.

Audiences are distracted.

Meeting planners spend seconds deciding whether or not to book you as a speaker.

According to Sally Hogshead in her book How to Fascinate, you’ve only got 9-seconds to capture the audience’s attention.

It’s imperative that you front load your value in all your speaker marketing and in every speech that you give.

“Different is better.” -Sally Hogshead

When you know exactly how the world sees you,
what makes you different and how to best leverage your personality’s
natural advantage in every speech, then you’ll make a memorable impression, rise above the competition, and be able to charge more for your speaking.


The Fascination Advantage® Assessment Shows You How

fascinate-certified-advisor-logoYou’ve taken assessment like Meyers-Briggs®, DiSC or StrengthsFinder and the Fascination Advantage is different. Those assessmentTake the Fascination Advantage Assessment tell you how YOU see the world, but The Fascination Advantage® Assessment tells you how the world sees you.

The assessment is based on the psychology of branding and is foundational in establishing your brand as a speaker. It’s the first scientific assessment for personal branding.

This system is revolutionary for speakers
and that’s why I became a Certified Fascination Advisor.

Understanding your personality’s #1 advantage reverberates
through the speech your write, how you deliver your presentation,
the PowerPoint slides you craft, and how you pitch yourself
to get a speaking gig.

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It’s the change you create for your audience. It’s the ultimate hook and the message you want to be known for!

These 3 words are the key to go from business owner and speaker to influencer.

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