3 Word Rebellion

Messaging & Marketing

For the multipassionate business owner
committed to making more money,
creating more impact, and even changing the world.

(Without ever compromising your ethics)

You’re on the cutting edge of your industry –
a “rebel” with a cause.


You don’t do things the way everyone else does them.

And your customers and clients love that about you. It’s why they
refer you.

You’re the ONLY option to them.


You struggle to find more of these perfect clients without solely relying on word of mouth.


Once you speak with someone over Zoom, you’re pretty damn good at closing the deal. It’s getting to that call that that’s the hard part.

You know you’ve got to market your business. (Ugh!) You’ve invested in it. 

You bought the course(s) by the Celebrity Entrepreneur that promised a gazillion figures in 6-seconds. It promised to be that magic bullet, but it just left you feeling overwhelmed and slightly nauseated by the tactics they wanted you to use.

You don’t want to market that way! It doesn’t sit right with you.

And the reality is that sloths move faster than your audience grows, you create content with enormous value that no one is seeing (and more people need to see it)

Social media feels like screaming into the void.

You want to be featured on the top-tier podcasts to grow your email community & raise your profile, but all you hear is NO (or worse nothing at all). 

Most people think it’s about finding the “right” strategy or just showing up consistently — but they are wrong.

Here’s the deal: it’s not the marketing tactic that failed. It’s the messaging that’s falling short. 

Any marketing strategy can be effective if it aligns with your values and principles,  but it’s the message that grabs attention and makes people yearn to know more

Marketing that works. Marketing that drives sales is powered by your message

Your message is the hardest worker you have in your business. It’s working (or not) 24/7 days a week. Here’s a glimpse of what it’s doing:

  • Someone lands on your website at 11:11 pm on a Thursday, what makes them decide to stick around and click around is your MESSAGE.
  • You pitch yourself for a podcast or speaking gig, what makes or breaks if you get on that stage is your MESSAGE.
  • When your Instagram post gets 89 comments and 170 hearts, it’s how your MESSAGE is resonating with people.
  • On a sales call, the person is trying to decide between you and your competitor. How well you communicate the value of what you do depends on your MESSAGE.

Your message is your best marketer, salesperson, and public relations expert. 

And if you ever sat at your computer, staring at the blinking cursor wondering what you should say in that next email to your community…

you know that knowing what to say, how to say it so people act…is sheesh…so hard (so download the services guide and make it easier).

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It’s difficult to boil your business down into one concise message, right?

But it doesn’t have to be when you use the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging & Marketing framework

This focused, one-of-a-kind messaging showcases the brilliance of your work and positions you as the ONLY choice in your industry.

You’ll get to the damn point (and stick to it) so people know what your business is about!

You’ll give your right people a message that they want to talk about, that they want to think about, and that they’ll want to hire you for.

You’ll be able to show up consistently on your ONE favorite social media channel and you’ll create content that captivates in less time than ever before.

You’ll finally be able to figure out what the hell your lead magnet should be (or even if you need one) that leads people to work with you instead of ending up in the digital trash can.

It will also be easy for you. Your job is to vomit up words on the pages (the messier the better) and let me unearth that message for you.

You’ve been up in your head too long overthinking how to say and what to say so let me take the wheel.


The first step for messaging that works for your marketing is simple.


Click the red button and get our Services Guide!


In the services & pricing guide, you’ll find the 3 different ways I work with people to unearth their messaging and implement it in their marketing.


Download Our Services & Pricing Guide

Once you’ve downloaded the guide, you’ll be given a link to book a complimentary call to help you decide which option is right for you (and most importantly discover if you and I are a fit to work together).

You’ll Confidently Use this Messaging Every Time Your Business Communicates


Knowing exactly what type of content to create to grow your audience, generate leads, and turn those leads into clients.

Identifying the exact call-to-action for each step of the customer journey that makes it easy for your audience to say YES

Instead of creating one-off marketing that you hope & pray work, you create marketing assets (webinar, keynote speech and more) that work again and again

Delegating copywriting, PR outreach, social media creation, advertising email marketing & KNOW it will be on-brand & effective without a million revisions from you.

Always having a one-of-a-kind name for your program, the title for your book, keynote speech or webinar at your fingertips that your business can be known for.

And you have an endless stream of content ideas for your OWN promotion on social media, your podcast, live videos, or wherever you publish

Most of all,
when you have your 3 Word Rebellion,
you’re able to serve more
of the people you love
and use your ideas to
create change in your field
and even the world.

When your message resonates with your audience, moves them to an unqualified YES
that means all that marketing
you invested in can FINALLY pay off

Ready for that?

Download Our Services & Pricing Guide

“The best coaching investment I’ve made. Michelle has been a life saver, a time saver, and the best coaching investment I’ve made since I opened my business.

Our jumbled up messaging was really affecting our marketing and the growth of our business. We were getting clumped into every other gym or private studio in the area and we weren’t standing out.

The results I got from working with Michelle have been amazing. I have all of my messaging right at my fingertips. I’ve had to create a bunch of small blurbs and ad copy since I finished the Intensive and I just find what works best for the current project and edit from there. I don’t have to do the process of creating my message all over again each time trying to find it.

I’m much more optimistic and positive about getting out into the world of marketing knowing I’m attracting the people I want in my business.

– Meghan Crutchley

“I effortlessly signed on two new clients after just one session!

In that one session, Michelle skillfully extracted the essence of my services from what I casually shared. She provided such a great deal of clarity and so many “ahas” that I felt proud instead of doubtful about my message. I felt truly connected to my message. All of this lead to two of the most beautiful discovery calls I’ve ever had. My two new clients, combined, were interviewing nine other service providers.

They chose me because, in their words, ‘I wouldn’t want to miss out on experiencing what you have to offer,’ and ‘You had me at ‘calm by choice.’’

This wouldn’t have happened without Michelle. I trust her expertise so much I wish I could work with her forever.”

– Mona Rose Moore

Ready for One-of-a-Kind Messaging that Attracts More of the Right People So that You Sell More at Higher Prices?

(Yes, this is the key to make a much bigger impact in the world!)

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Since I guarantee that my clients find their 3 Word Rebellion when working with me, it can take up to a month to uneath your 3 Word Rebellion.

I do a deep dive into your business, who your clients are, what your business offers, and analyze your freewriting described in Chapter 5 of the 3 Word Rebellion book.

It is impossible to guarantee that you get the result of a 3 Word Rebellion in a one-off session. I want everyone who works with me to leave this message!

If you want my eyeballs on your current messaging with an eye toward how to improve and clarify your message and increase your sales, I do offer a B.O.L.D Messaging Sesh for that purpose.


Yes, 100%!

I am certain because we don’t move on in the 3 Word Rebellion process until we’ve landed on your 3 Word Rebellion. I have a 100% success rate. If you and I are a good fit to work together, it means I am confident that I can help you create your 3 Word Rebellion and all the messaging your business needs to be successful.


Usually, sooner than you think and definitely before investing even a penny into advertising.

People generally wait too long to work on their messaging and invest $1000s in marketing efforts without having a solid message. If you market without having a solid messaging strategy, how would you even know what worked? It would be a guessing game.  We offT3 different packages that are designed for 3 different stages in business. 

The general rule of thumb is if your business is making less than $35K a year, focus your energy on making sales through relationships and networking.

If your business is making over $35K a year, then download the pricing guide and check out the different services that we offer.


If you take action now, you will have the opportunity to work directly with me.  My waitlist, however, is getting longer and longer and I will be hiring & training associates and strategists very soon to work with clients. 

So there’s a possibility that if you reach out to me in 3 months and want to work with me, the price would have gone up. You will never regret working on your message early, but you might if you do it too late. 


What I have found from being in business for over 9 years is that my clients are smart, ask good questions, and do their research so they know all their options before ever getting on a call with me.

The Services and Pricing Guide gives you a complete overview of what Communication Rebel does and our pricing structure before we ever get on the phone together.

Then this call truly becomes about figuring out if we are a good fit to work together and which service is best for your business.

Download the Services & Pricing Guide

“I now have anchors for everything from podcasting to speaking to social media outreach to informing the type of work I do.

I knew I had something to say. So many stories, in fact, that my message was getting garbled.

Was I the one who talked about loneliness? Was I the one who tried to help others with shitty childhoods? Was I the one who never wanted to be a mom and now have three children I love dearly? I am all of these BUT my message was not coherent or focused.

Working with Michelle and her see-inside-your-brain-and-heart wizardry, we quickly honed in on my 3 most important topics and corresponding stories to help bring the audience along on the journey with me.

I now have anchors for everything from podcasting to speaking to social media outreach to informing the type of work I do…and I’m SO EXCITED TO SHARE IT.

Jen Vertanen

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Create your one-of-a-kind message that is the ultimate hook and the message you want to be known for!

The 3 Word Rebellion is the key to go from business owner to thought leader.

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