(Finally) Nail Your Message

A Workshop for Solo Business Owners
to Powerfully Communicate WTF You DO
So You Make it Easy for People to Hire You


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Harness the power of your words to Explain WTF You Do & Why It Matters to the People Who Need to Hire You.


“So tell me, what do you do?”

Seven tiny words that cause a rush of ideas straight to your brain and a healthy shot of adrenaline to your body. 

Because you know,  if you get this right,
it could start a conversation that leads to a new client, a referral,
or an opportunity to talk about your work on a podcast or a stage!  

You feel like you should really have the answer to this question figured out by now…

…but when you open your mouth to respond, it looks like this:


Let’s face it; you’re fantastic at your work, and your clients love the results they get.

But packaging up all you do into a couple of compelling sentences that make people go, “Oh, tell me more,feels like scaling Mt. Rainier

Sitting down to write copy is so excruciating that you’d rather do anything else (your cat’s litter box never looked so clean). 

And marketing? Forgeddaboutit!

Marketing is like screaming into the void where everyone ignores your posts, overlooks that blog you spent 4.5 hours writing, and could care less about what iyou do.

What gives? Why is it so hard to talk and write about the work you’re so dang good at?

Here’s the rebel truth:

You have everything you need swirling up in your head to craft a message that leads people to work with you. 

What you don’t have (yet)?

 A way to organize that mess of ideas into a message your people instantly GROK

The ability to discern what’s essential and what’s not to your client and make an instant connection with your right client

Being so clear & compelling in your marketing message that people book that consult call with you

Ready to get those ideas out of your head and into a simple structure that captures people’s attention and lets them know what the heck you can do for them?

That’s exactly why I created:

Craft 3 Foundational Pieces of Messaging to Explain WTF You Do & Why It Matters to the People Who Need to Hire You

Create the “Why It Matters” Message:

Ditch the ideal client avatar and use my proven process to create key messages that will make prospective clients feel like you’ve been living in their heads.

Craft The Why Buy Statement

 A COMPELLING one-sentence statement that gets your ideal client to open their wallets for you. They go from casual onlooker to ready to hire you yesterday.

Discover the Problem Only Your Business Can Solve

Create a problem statement that helps your client diagnose their real problem and makes you the OBVIOUS choice to hire to solve it.

Bonus Feedback Session!

Get personalized feedback tailored to your business about your messaging during a live session or via email

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The Specifics We’ll Cover:

  • Bust through the biggest messaging misconception that costs you sales and even people’s attention
  • Discover the two dead simple questions you need to ask yourself before you write any piece of copy or content (these questions allow you to promote your work while nurturing your audience) 
  • How to find the words your clients use that make an automatic quickly and easily (even if you don’t have clients…yet) 
  • Create microstories that your right-fit client will automatically say, “Oh, that’s me!” (this makes writing copy a breeze) 
  • Get radically clear on the results you can promise your people without ever worrying you won’t be able to deliver 
  • Leave with your three most essential pieces of messaging and a repeatable process to figure out how to message any new offer for your business 

Workshop Details:

When: The workshop will be held over four sessions on 4-days: Monday, April 22nd, Wednesday, April 24th, and Monday, April 29th, and a bonus call on Wednesday, May 1st at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET. Each session is between 60-minutes to 75-minutes.

Async Option: If you can’t come live or prefer to do this work on your own time, you’ll receive each workshop replay the same day and can email me for feedback between April 22 and May 2nd.

Where: Our private Zoom Room. The link will be emailed to you before the first session.

Format: Each workshop consists of approximately 20-minutes of instruction, 25-minutes to do the work with me guiding you every step of the way, and 15-minutes for Q&A.

Space is Limited: We’re capping this workshop to 3o people. 

Who is it for? Rule-breaking business owners who hate struggling with how to talk about what they do in a way that makes people want to buy…specifically service providers, consultants, coaches, speakers, authors, and course creators. If you have an offer that sells but don’t know what to say to sell it…this workshop is for you. 

Messaging is tricky because you’ve been up in your head too long, and are too close to it to see your brilliance.

…but this micro-course will FINALLY give you clarity and three foundational pieces of messaging that will make it easier to sell & market your business

Working with me 1:1 to get my brain on your message and your marketing starts at $5K (and, of course, includes your 3 Word Rebellion, client journey, lead magnet development, perfect pitch, and your whole brand message)

But you can join me for the LIVE workshop AND you get to keep the recordings for life for just:

Get on the Waitlist for Fall 2024

(Be the First to Know When The Workshop Happens Again)

Meet Dr. Michelle Mazur

Thought Partner & Co-Conspirator in Your Rebellion

Communication Rebel, Michelle Mazur, speech coachI’m Michelle Mazur, Ph.D. the creator of the 3 Word Rebellion, and the host of the Rebel Uprising Podcast. 

I work with experts (yes that’s you) who are coaches, consultants, and service providers who are shaking things up but having a hard time talking about.

My Ph.D. is in Communication with an emphasis on persuasion (so I know the theory behind what makes a message powerful & persuasive).

With 25+ years of experience in communication, and 10+ years of being in business, I know that having a clear and captivating message is the key to reaching the people you could help the most, in a way that is powerful and feels effortless.

(No more trying to explain what you do and staring back at blank, confused, or skeptical faces.)

The cool part is that the 3 Word Rebellion messaging framework has a 100% success rate in discovering that one-of-a-kind message that catapults your thought leadership.

What Other People Say About My Workshop

“I appreciate how Michelle breaks the material down into bite-sized pieces over 3 days so I could chew on them in between sessions and not get overwhelmed.

Also, I had fun while I was IN the workshop, and didn’t worry I was missing out on something important. It was the perfect mix of exercises and content.

I love how Michelle weaves in things like Peggy from Mad Men – all of the cultural references jive with my taste in media, so that’s fun!

Heidi Taylor, Business Coach for Caring People

Women smiling at the camera while holding a computer“I never felt like I had a good handle on my elevator pitch and it always felt a little snooze-worthy.

I gained so much clarity from going through the onlyness exercise and feel like I can now better articulate in a succinct way what makes my business and the work I do different from everyone else who does email marketing tech.

– Bev Feldman, ConvertKit Expert

What if I really need in-depth help & custom feedback on my message?

I’m so glad you asked that question:

What this course does not cover:

  • Creating your 3 Word Rebellion® – the one-of-a-kind message that establishes and grows your business and your audience
  • Creating a custom client journey and the patented “Get to Yes” conversion strategy
  • Developing a framework/process/methodology for your services and offer that is
  • Crafting signature stories for use in media, podcasts, or speaking
  • Developing your lead magnet or email community builder 

If you want more 1:1 support to work on your messaging to support your marketing efforts, the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Services is a much better fit.

The Not So Fine Print.

And here’s the rest of the fine print because which I am making quite large because I always want to be completely upfront with you.

No refunds for this workshop will be granted for any reason. Space is limited for this workshop which means that if you decide to take one of these spots it’s yours even if you do not attend.

Because the sessions will be recorded, you’ll still learn a ton from watching this workshop for several months (even years) after it’s over.

If you’re not really sure if this workshop is right for you, please reach out to us at hello(at)drmichellemazur.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Finally, Communicate WTF You Do & Why It Matters to the People who Want to Hire You in Minutes Without Rambling or Spewing Word Salad at Your Prospective Client 

Get on the Waitlist for Fall 2024

(Be the First to Know When The Workshop Happens Again)

And mark these dates on your calendar:

(Next Workshop is April 22rd, 24th, 29th & May 1st at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET)

Each session will be between 60-75 minutes, with a little extra time for Q&A

Brown haired woman, holding a white mug smiling “I feel much more confident like my message is clearer.

My message is more targeted toward the people I most want to help. I trust that my website will now make my people feel seen and understood when they land there from Google or social media.

Sophie Carefull, Business Mentor


Do I have to attend all four sessions, or can I choose one of the four dates to attend?

I’ll be presenting different materials at all sessions, so you need to watch all 3 (live or asynchronous) to leave with the foundational pieces of messaging that your clients need to hear to hire you. 

You do not need to attend any or all of them live!

If you can be there, live awesome! That way, you’ll be able to get your specific questions answered.<span?

What are the dates and times again?

The workshops will take place on Zoom on the following dates:

Monday, April 22nd at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET
Wednesday, April 24th at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET
Monday, April 29th at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET
Bonus feedback session: Wednesday, May 1st at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET

Each session will be between 60-75 minutes long.

Yes, there will be replays so you can do the workshop asynchronously. I’ll be sending them out as soon as they are ready!

Do I need to attend live? Will there be a replay available?

No, you don’t need to attend live.  All the replays will be sent out on the same day so you can complete them on your schedule.

If you can be there, live awesome! That way, you’ll be able to get your specific questions answered, and if you choose to do the workshop asynchronously, you’ll be able to email for feedback between April 22nd through May 1st.

 Can you guarantee that I will get excellent results from my marketing?

Nope, sorry! What I do promise is that you’ll walk away from the workshop with three foundational pieces of messaging that will help you attract the right clients. 

What if I’m not happy with the Nail Your Message workshop? Can I get my money back?

Because of the limited spaces in this workshop and the truly hands-on nature of this workshop, no refunds will be granted. If you have any questions about whether or not this workshop is a fit for you, reach out to me at hello(at)drmichellemazur.com. I’ll give it to you straight as to whether or not this workshop is a fit for you. 

What’s the difference between this workshop and your 1:1 work in the 3 Word Rebellion® Messaging Intensive?

The 3 Word Rebellion® Messaging Intensive is an in-depth 90-day program where we co-create ALL the messaging you will need to market, write copy, and make sales in your business. 

This experience is customized for each client so they can powerfully communicate the value, whether talking to one person or a million people. 

This workshop is designed for you to craft three foundational pieces of messaging so that your prospective clients see why they need to hire you. This workshop will give you the clarity to start gaining momentum in your business, but it does not give you the comprehensive messaging to use across your business.

Save Your Spot in the Workshop for $150 or 2-Payments of $75

Get on the Waitlist for Fall 2024

(Be the First to Know When The Workshop Happens Again)

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