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It’s Not Easy Being Green – Adapting to Your Audience while Not Losing Yourself

Hi Ho! Kermit the Frog here!
What I admire most about Kermit is that he never compromises who he is – not for Missy Piggy not for anybody.  But Kermit does remind us “it’s not easy being green.”  It's hard to be ourselves on the speaking stage or the stage of life.
It’s important to adapt to your audience, but youdon’t want to lose yourself in the process. Being inauthentic can damage your relationship. Here are 3 keys to being authenticas a speaker:

1  Don’t imitate another speaker

W   We all have speakers we admire, and we learn from those speakers. If we try being that speaker, we lose ourselves, become inauthentic and our audience knows! Learn from other great speakers but don’t emulate them.


2   Embrace your quirkiness

         Celia Delaney, The Speaking Success Coach, posed the question “Are you standing out as a speaker?” She believes we should use how we look to make us stand out. I have purple highlights and a nose ring. When I give a professional presentation, I may wear a smaller nose ring and a suit but I don’t change anything else. I stand out. I’m remembered, and I never had a business audience say I look unprofessional! I am who I am.

Let your sense of humor shine

        Do you have a dry sense of humor? A dark one? Or even sarcastic? Use it. Don’t change your style of humor for an audience. Could you imagine Jon Stewart trying to use the same type of humor as Robin Williams? It wouldn’t work and wouldn’t be funny!

The best way to build rapport with your audience is not losing who you are in the process of trying to adapt. Be you! Be authentic. It’snot easy being green but your audience will love you for it!
Until next time watch Kermit and please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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