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Just Do It: Do Something You Suck At

Badly Drawn Puppy

Proof that I can't draw but hey the puppy has a bow or a butterfly on its head. It's like a Rorschach test.

Look I drew a picture. It's awesome, right?

Awesomely bad.

Let me play captain obvious for a moment – I CANNOT DRAW!

I learned how to draw that dog in the 3rd grade and my huge talent for art has been stunted ever since. I've actively avoided doing anything art related for pretty much my entire life.

Lately, my complete lack of talent in drawing is frustrating me to no end.  I've been working on designing presentations. I have these visuals in my mind that I can't even begin to sketch out or try to recreate on my PowerPoint slides. I try then show my “rough” designs to my graphic designer at work, and he is nice enough not to laugh in my face. (He might be laughing in his office, and I can't blame him).

I made a decision. I'm planning to enroll in a class called “Drawing for Absolute Beginners“. They claim that anyone can draw even me. I am going to put them through their paces this fall.

At this point, you might be  thinking “Good for you, Michelle, but what the heck does this have to do with speaking or even communication? Remember that's what your blog is about.”

The point is:

Challenge Yourself to Do Something You Suck At

I've talked to many people who have spent their lives actively avoiding any public speaking. They have designed their careers around NEVER having to give a presentation. At some point, they realize it is holding them back from growing as people and as professionals. They come to me or coaches like me and ask for help.

Why Do We Avoid Doing things We Suck At?

Simple – we are terrified of failure and it's hard as heck to try to master a skill that isn't natural to us.

With presentations, speakers are terrified to fall flat on their faces in front of an audience of their peers, so they avoid it. As humans, we like positive reinforcement. I'm a coach and a speaker because I am good at speaking and coaching. It's comfortable for me, and when I do it I get positive reinforcement.

When I draw, it's awful. It never comes out the way I want it to, and I get completely frustrated! I want to throw the sketch pad across the room. I feel like a failure.

It makes sense to avoid what we think we are bad at!

Just Do It

In order to grow, we need to just do it. Speak. Draw. Sing. Water ski.

Take a class. Hire a coach. Or as Nike so eloquently put is “Just Do It!”

I might never be Picasso, but I'm a better for just trying.

What are you going to challenge yourself to do in the next 6 months? Tell me below. I'm interested in hearing how it goes.


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4 responses to “Just Do It: Do Something You Suck At”

  1. Scott Danielson says:

    One thing I’ve noticed about people who avoid public speaking is how crippling it becomes once they’re forced to do it. Since they’ve put so much time and energy into avoiding it, now it’s a nightmare they can’t possibly overcome. The just do it method is a great way to stop to never-ending fear once and for all.

    • Michelle says:

      Absolutely! It surprises me the length people will go to avoid it, then one day they have to do it for work or for an organization they are involved in. The terror sets in and they don’t know what to do. If it’s a skill you need to be successful (like me with drawing), it’s better to buck it up and face that really poorly drawn puppy!

  2. How to Hire Great Employees | The Small Business Storyteller says:

    […] Recommended Reading: Do Something You Suck At by Michelle […]

  3. Bob says:

    I have so much to choose from…..”Sucking at” that is.. lol. Great topic. Volunteering in a leadership role (Boy- Girl Scouts, Coaching, Youth groups……..) are all great ways to develop these skills as you are constantly required to speak in small and large groups. It’s a great way to work on these skills with very low risk/stress levels and often great rewards.

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