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The Importance of Dynamic Speaking Delivery

No matter how good your message or your content, if your speaking delivery sucks, it can ruin a great presentation. Case in point, ObamaPresident Obama's first debate. He looked liked he wanted to be napping instead of debating. His poor delivery of his message translated into a downturn in his poll numbers.

On your way to your presentation destination, we've discussed organizing your content and crafting content that wows your audience. Now, it is time for the icing on top of the presentation cake – dynamic speaking delivery.

There are so many aspects to delivery: eye contact, gestures, vocal variety, pitch, rate, movement, stance, etc., etc. There is no way I could cover all of it one blog post. Instead, let's discuss why dynamic speaking delivery is such a crucial part of arriving at your presentation destination.

Gets your message across

Bad delivery gets in the way of your audience understanding your message. In college, I had a sociology professor who ended EVERY sentence with “m'kay.” I spent the entire semester counting how many times he could say “m'kay” in 50 minutes (the record was 127 if you are interested). I don't think I learned a darn thing in that sociology class because the delivery of the material was so bad. It drove me to distraction. Don't let your delivery get in the way of your content.

Let's the audience know you care

Working on your speaking delivery shows your passion for the topic. It also shows the audience that you cared enough about them to practice your presentation. Practiced delivery allows you to focus more on your audience and connecting with them. The more we practice our delivery skills, the more they become second nature to us. You can let your sparkle shine through and truly show the audience that you are there for them.

Enhances your credibility

Shuffling through page after page of notes, tons of filler words, no eye contact – it all makes the audience start to question if you know what the heck you are talking about. Sure, it might be the nerves which audiences are willing to forgive at first. However, if the poor delivery keeps up, they will question if you are truly an expert in your field.

Content that wows along with dynamic speaking delivery are the secret weapons of getting you to your presentation destination. Next week, we are going to discuss execution or practicing your presentation.

Until then, do you have any great delivery tips? Share them in the comment section below. Let's help each other be better speakers!

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