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What can Zombies Teach You About Public Speaking?

Mindless, stumbling creatures with an insatiable appetite for BRAINS! When you think of zombies, most likely you don't think “great public speakers.” The zombie delivery style would certainly be lacking, but that does not mean we cannot learn something valuable about public speaking from the undead.

Laser-focused on their purpose

Zombies know what their purpose is – human flesh – and they are singularly focused on getting it. Like a zombie, you need to know the purpose of our speech and stay focused on getting that message across to your audience. Always keep your KABOOM statement in mind when speaking. Know the essence of your presentation.

Zombies are persistent

Nothing keeps a good zombie down. A would-be victim gets away, zombies don't give up. They keep stumbling toward their goal. The more you speak, the more you improve. If one presentation does not hit a home run, keep trying and continually improving your public speaking style, and this will get you to your presentation destination. Nothing keeps a good speaker down!

Zombies stay loose

If there is one thing speakers can learn from zombies, it would be to keep calm and groan on. Nothing stresses a zombie out. They don't can't worry. Public speaking can be full of missteps, screw-ups, technical difficulties, but a good presenter can just carry on no matter what comes your way. Keep calm and speak on!

What zombies lack in dynamism, ability to articulate words, and body parts, they make up for by knowing their purpose, being persisting, and staying relaxed. Once again proving that I can find a public speaking lesson anywhere even from the walking dead.

Happy Halloween, Relationally Speaking Peeps!!


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