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How to Standout in the Overcrowded Job Market

Today's guest post is brought to you by Richard McMunn, the director and founder of How2become.

The job market is overcrowded with applicants due to the downturn in the economy. You must separate yourself from the competition with superior communication skills. In other words, you must convey to prospective employers why you are the best person for the job. You must communicate to the hiring manager why he must hire you, instead of the hundreds of other applicants competing for the same position.

Standout or stay unemployed

It is no longer enough to simply follow up, use proper grammar, or possess above average listening skills. Managers are swamped with job applicants and if you want to get the job you must ensure you make a lasting impression. The good news is there are communication skills you can implement to increase your chances of getting the job you want. For example, it used to be acceptable to simply place the job advertisement to memory. Today, you must research the employer and the position you are trying to obtain. Arming yourself with this information shows the hiring manager you really want the role.

Tell a story to support your skills

Everybody tells hiring managers they possess a strong work ethic. Instead, communicate to the hiring manager exactly how you go about getting things done. Explain how you overcame powerful obstacles to get a project completed before the deadline. Tell him your step-by-step approach, and let them see how passionate and excited you are about being results oriented. Today’s employer wants action, not excuses for missing deadlines. In addition, look your interviewer in the eye and display confidence. Body language can make or break the deal.

Create an action-oriented resume

Stating that you are results oriented on a C.V. used to be enough. However today, you need your C.V. to communicate more. The C.V. is

Be action-oriented to standout

Be action-oriented to standout

the first communication hiring managers see from job applicants, so you better make it good. Communicating the exact same thing as everybody else will land your C.V. in the rubbish bin. Your job is to get the interview. This means you must be better than everyone else. First, litter your C.V. with bullet pointed actions you have accomplished. Hiring managers are too busy to try and figure out what your C.V. is saying. Vivid bullet points describing real actions places you above other job seekers.

Customize, customize, customize

Most job seekers write one generic C.V. This one size fits all approach to finding a job in the new economy is a sure fire way to remain unemployed. You must tailor your C.V. for the specific position you are applying for. As mentioned, C.V.s are the first communication hiring managers look at. First impressions are lasting impressions, so you must get this essential communication step right when seeking employment. For example, when seeking a purchasing position you should highlight your negotiating skills and your ability to find good deals. On the other hand, if you are pursuing a marketing job you should communicate your creative expertise and communicate how your efforts benefited the company.

What's your value?

Finally, know what your talent and skills are worth and communicate them in your C.V., and during interviews. The body language you portray during interviews communicates a strong signal to the interviewer. Confidence is the signal you must send. Follow the tips listed and you will have a far greater chance of landing the job you want.

Richard McMunn is the director and founder of How2become; the UK's leading career and recruitment specialist. For the last 7 years How2become has helped applicants prepare for and pass recruitment processes and assessment centres in order to secure their dream job.

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