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The Top 7 Public Speaking Posts from 2014

Top 7 Public Speaking posts2014 whizzed right by. There's much to celebrate.

I'm throwing confetti in the air to honor the anniversary of my THIRD (count them THREE) year of blogging. Considering, most blogs are abandoned in the first few months of life, I'm thrilled to be writing and that you are reading.

So here it is the top of the heap, the peak of the mountain, the best of the best blog posts about public speaking in 2014.

Without further ado – here are 7 most popular posts from 2014!

#7 As a Speaker Your Biggest Responsibility is to….

To be an outstanding speaker, you just need to focus on this one aspect of your presentation. If you do this well, your presentation is destined to be a success.

#6 5 Horrible Pieces of Public Speaking Advice (And What to Do Instead)

Bad public speaking advice abounds on the Internet. Have you ever tried to picture your audience naked? It most likely made you feel awkward (and even more queasy). Here are 5 horrific pieces of advice and most importantly what you should be doing instead.

#5 Introverts Make the Best Speakers

Have you heard the one about how introverts don't make good public speakers? In fact, introversion is treated like a disease when it comes to public speaking. But being an introvert is not a liability, introverts make fantastic speakers.

#4 Four Essential Ingredients to Creating an Epic Audience Experience

The audience is the epicenter of your presentation. Your focus should be on creating an amazing experience for them during your presentation. To do that you need to include these 4 must-have ingredients for an epic speech.

#3 5 of the Smartest Things Ever Said About Public Speaking

Although I firmly believe that inspiration is cheap and action is priceless, these 5 quotations spurn you on to take action and nail your next presentation. 5 great quotations by 5 smarty pants that will help you create a first-class presentation.

#2 How to Kill a Persuasive Speech with One Tiny Word

Aristotle (yep pulling out the ancient philosophers for this bad boy) said that all communication is persuasion. But are you undermining your persuasive efforts by using this one itty-bitty word?

#1 4 Steps to Find a Speech Topic that Clicks

It's hard to figure out what you want to speak about. Sometimes you feel like you've got nothing to say or too much to say. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned speaker and need to add a new speech to repertoire, this post will take you through a process to help you identify a topic that gives your audience maximum value and give you maximum enjoyment.

There you have it! The tippy top 7 public speaking posts in 2014. As we close out 2014, what triumphs are you celebrating?

Happy New Year!!!

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