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What Comes After Your 3 Word Rebellion?

You've done the work, you've discovered your 3 Word Rebellion and you're super excited about it, and (even if you haven't discovered yours yet, don't worry, I'll tell you how to get help with that), but now that you have your 3 Word Rebellion, you may be wondering, now what?

How do I get this message out there?

Because a 3 Word Rebellion doesn't do you or the world any good if you keep it under wraps or don't know how to disseminate that message.

While the 3 Word Rebellion is the hook that gets people interested and curious about what you’re creating, you'll need something more to get people to raise their hand and say yes to your business, to the movement that you're creating. You're going to have to persuade them to join you.

We're going to talk about the next step in launching your rebellion and creating that message that is bigger than you and your business.

This next step is the inciting incident.

Prefer to listen?

What is an inciting incident?

Every movement has an inciting incident that kicks that movement off. That is essentially the catalyst for a movement.

For instance, when Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus, little did she know that she was inciting a movement.

When the school shootings happen in Parkland, Florida. Little did those kids know. Little did we all know that that would be the genesis of the #neveragain movement.

The kind of movement that you're creating does not have to necessarily start with a tragedy or an event that sparks outrage.  However, it will require bold, courageous action.

Jonathan Fields in his ebook, The Art of Revolution, argues that a business can create its own inciting incident when they are starting a revolution.

A great example of that is when Steve Jobs and Apple launched the iPhone, they created a big launch event.

Steve Jobs gave an amazing, well-crafted speech that ushered in a new technology that has touched almost every single person's life. That launch event and his speech was an inciting incident.

Recently when Elon Musk launched a red Tesla into space with Starman piloting the car he was inciting an incident around his company SpaceX.

He garnered so much attention that even us non-space geeks were buzzing about that Tesla in space and curious about where it's going next. He sparked interest in what SpaceX was doing and is sparking a renaissance in the general public's interest in space.

A final example is Brene Brown's first TEDx talk on the power of vulnerability. That talk shined a light on a topic that as a society we never talked about and her speech incited all of us to start having conversations about shame. It allowed us to bring shame and vulnerability out into the light and deal with it, instead of hiding it away and suffering all by ourselves.

You don't need to have a big launch event or launch a car into space or do a TED talk to create an inciting incident. However, every time your business communicates, it can be one.

What’s Your Potential Inciting Incident

What can an inciting incident be? Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Obviously, a speech that recruits people into the movement you're creating is an inciting incident.

A workshop or retreat can be an inciting incident for personal change and development so that people act on your message and your 3 Word Rebellion and carry the message forward after that workshop.

A webinar is another example of how you can spread your message online and have that be your inciting incident, and then we have podcasts, interviews, media interviews, TV exposure. All can be inciting incidents.

Even on social media, we can incite conversation with an Instagram story or a Facebook Live.

As I've been rolling the 3 Word Rebellion out, I've had the opportunity to talk to a number of artists who are using the 3 Word Rebellion to tell the story of their work.

Which shows that a piece of artwork or an exhibition or jewelry can even be an inciting incident.

Heck, even your entire brand can incite an incident!

There are so many different inciting incidents that it's up to you to decide which one is your best path or which combination you want to try because this is an experiment.

Inciting Incidents Create Visibility for Your 3 Word Rebellion

Here's the deal.

I believe that having a message that you must share, creating this inciting incident is the key to being visible, to making your name synonymous with the work you do and most importantly changing the world.

Perhaps you feel frustrated because you haven't figured out your 3 Word Rebellion yet.  Or you don't know what your inciting incident would be or even if you do, you're not exactly sure what you would say in order to move your audience to action.  

Don’t despair.  I have a few spots open for a free discovery call to talk about how we can work together to craft your 3 Word Rebellion.

The talking points that incite action and are the base of your inciting incident and how to get people to say yes to your movement and your business.

Go to to apply for a discovery call with me so that we can work together on getting you known for the work you do.

Until next time, do some thinking about how you want to launch your 3 Word Rebellion in the world and then commit to one or two strategies to get more

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