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Are You Making This Public Speaking Mistake?

It's the biggest, baddest, ugliest public speaking mistake you can make. Are you making it?

It's not stumbling over words, not having enough time to practice or having slides that overwhelm the audience. It's….

Are you making the biggest public speaking mistake?…Not Speaking

That's right the WORST public speaking mistake you can make is passing on opportunities to present.

You deny your audience the chance to hear your story, to get the information that they need from you, and you pass up an awesome opportunity to sparkle and shine. I've often extolled the virtues of public speaking – establish yourself as an expert, help your clients by giving them information they need, make more money for your business. Why do people take a pass on the opportunity when it presents itself?

There are these little voices in all of our heads that whisper messages. The voice tells us that we are not good enough to present or that it is too scary. The biggest reasons I've heard from clients on why they pass on speaking gigs is that the critical inner voice is telling them they have NOTHING to say and even if they did have something to say – it's all be done before!

Let's break these two public speaking excuses down.

Nothing to say

I'm betting with a little thought and a tiny bit of brainstorming – you have a lot to say. Here are some questions to get you started.

Business Owners: What are 2-3 questions that clients ask you over and over again?

Corporate Professionals: What are 2-3 questions your colleagues or your clients are always asking?

Toastmasters and Speakers: What are 2-3 ideas, hobbies, concepts that get you fired up and make you shout WOO-HOO?

Did you come up with at least 2 ideas?

Great you have something to say in a presentation. Congrats!

Oh is that voice creeping in again? This time saying:

My topic is nothing new

You might be looking at your list and thinking to yourself – “Yeah, I could give a presentation on this, but anyone in my field could talk about this. I have nothing new to add.”

There's that little voice again! This time it is partially right. There are really no new topics, but what makes them unique, fresh, orignial, and engaging for an audience is your perspective and your story.

Your story can bring so much life into your expertise. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Tell us how you got involved with your business or profession.
  • Tout your client successes
  • Speak to the why behind your passion
  • Tell us your biggest accomplishment and what you learned from it

By bringing your story and perspective into your speech, it takes a topic that ANYBODY could speak about and makes it uniquely your own.

Don't make the biggest mistake in public speaking you can make by not speaking. Communication is the most valuable asset you have in your business, career or your passion. Express your expertise. Share your story. We deserve to hear from you.

What other barriers hold you back from speaking? Are there any other things the voice in your head is telling you? Share your comments below. If there is anything, I can do for you to help you speak your story and express your expertise, please click and let me know.

Until next time, here is a wonderful video on beating the little hater in your head.

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