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Stuck on What to Speak About? How to Find a Speech Topic in 4 Steps.

You’re an expert. You’ve got so much knowledge flowing through that your noggin that it’s hard to decide what to speak on. You make a decision then second guess yourself. You find yourself going back to the speaking drawing board time and time again. It’s time to stop struggling and get unstuck quickly. Follow this […]

A Rebel Speaker Christmas Wish

One of the things I do with speakers to help them find that message that they want to be known for is a free writing exercise where I give them the prompt: I believe … They go ahead and they write a manifesto of sorts of what they believe about their area of expertise, their […]

Where are you leaving money on the table in your speaking business

You hear the roar of applause and receive your standing ovation. Audience members say, “You did an awesome job! That was great!” The vast majority of your evaluations say you did a good or excellent job in your session. That’s awesome. I want you to receive and celebrate that. When you’re done with the celebration, […]

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