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Want to Stand Out In Your Industry? You Need a Messaging Strategy

  There’s a lot of confusion about what messaging and messaging strategy is.  Over the years, I’ve heard messaging defined as: Your elevator pitch A content plan Developing your offer and pricing your offer A unique selling proposition  The copy on your website These definitions are all a bit correct and missing some core pieces […]

4 Reasons the Storybrand Framework Didn’t Work for Your Business

The Storybrand framework is heralded as the gold standard for business messaging. If you tell someone you’re struggling with the messaging for your business, undoubtedly, they’ll hand you Donald Miller’s book Build a Storybrand: Clarify Your Message Your So Your Customer Will Listen. But what if you bought the book, took the course, or even […]

Stop Setting Money on Fire: What You Absolutely Need to Know Before Investing in Marketing

One of the things that breaks my heart more than anything is people setting their money on fire when it comes to investing in marketing. Entrepreneurs spend money on these elaborate funnels, marketing teams, webinars, and more with absolutely zero ROI. Here’s the truth though, It doesn’t matter how great the marketing strategy is or […]

Introducing the Rebel Rising Podcast

*drum roll please* I am excited to announce to you the beginning of a new era: The Rebel Rising podcast. Last week, I said goodbye to the Rebel Speaker podcast because I have changed. My business is evolving and the impact that I want to make in this world had changed. Finally, I am owning […]

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