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3 Rebel Mindset Shifts to Grow Your Influence & Your Platform

At the end of 2017, I knew the number one thing holding me back in my business was me.

When I realized the number one thing holding me back in my business was me, I realized that I didn't need another course or tactic or more business coaching. I needed to get out of my own damn way.

I was stopping me from success. I was stopping me from the difference that I wanted to make. I was stopping me from leading my own rebellion. I was stopping me from making the money that I wanted to make.

The bottom line was that I was terrified of being seen and known for the work I do in the world (which is, by the way, creating unmistakable messages for business owners and speakers with the 3 Word Rebellion, just so you know).

I didn't want to be too big for my britches. If I talked about what I did too much, I'll come off as salesy. People will get tired of what I have to say. I don't want to be too much or too loud or take up too much space.

I was ashamed to admit to myself, let alone anyone else what I really wanted it.  Then an email came from Tanya Geisler, who you'll be hearing from in next week's post asking if I knew anyone for her Starring Role Academy, which is all about dealing with the Impostor Complex. I wrote her back and I said, yes, yes, I do know someone, me, me, and the rest is history.

Here's what I've realized from eight months of working with Tanya and my Impostor Complex and my mindset issues.

Prefer to listen? Here you go!

Name it to Claim It

The first mindset shift I made was name it to claim it. I was playing small because my goals were small. I spent my time setting reasonable goals that didn't challenge me, that didn't require that I change my behavior. Those goals kept me focused more on the survival of my business then the thriving of my business

Through the work with Tanya, I was able to start naming what I wanted, but I was still hiding behind this excuse that I wasn't really sure what I really wanted.

Then it all changed when I had a call with Breanne Dyck from MNIB Consulting as she was doing market research for her new offering. I started the call by telling her that I didn't have a vision for my business. I didn't know what I wanted to create, what it was going to look like.

Little did I know that I was still lying to myself and also lying to her. Later in our chat, she asked if I could snap my fingers and have the business of my dreams, what would that look like? And the answer poured out of me. I'd be the CEO/Spokesperson of Communication Rebel. I'd be speaking. I'd be doing media.

I'd be having live events or retreats. I'd be cherry-picking my projects that I wanted to work on because I would have a couple of message strategist working with me who understood and could apply the 3 Word Rebellion framework. I could mentor those strategists and consult on their projects. I'd have a COO who would manage all of this and help out with business development. I'd have a publicist to book those speaking gigs and podcast interviews.

And after all of this poured out of me, Breanne said, “Sounds like you know exactly what you want.” I realized that I did. I realize it was my Impostor Complex saying, “Ooh, that's too big of a dream. Who are you to want to be the CEO and spokesperson of your business?” That, that voice was holding me back and I realized that I needed to name what I wanted in order to claim it.

I needed to set the goal even if I didn't know how I was going to achieve that goal.

I'm telling you this story because I want you to name and claim what you want. If you aren't willing to speak it out loud to the masses, you're never going to even get close to it.

So what do you need to name and claim?

Launch Loud

The second mindset shift that I had was to launch loud.

What we have here is a failure to launch.

And here's the deal. I noticed I had a pattern. I have a brilliant idea. I work super duper hard on that idea. I create the content, I do the work, then I get a little bit critical on the idea, so I go into working even harder to perfect it until I say, okay, good enough and it's time to launch. Then I sabotage myself.

I half-ass the launch because secretly I worry it's not good enough and by its I mean I'm not good enough. Now that I see that pattern of how I was self-sabotaging my work because of this belief that I'm not good enough, I can change it.

I can start to launch loud and I'm not going to let my failure to launch happen with the 3 Word Rebellion book launch.

Most of us launch with a whisper where like, “Hey, I wrote this book.” “I have a speech and I can be a speaker.” “You can work with me.”

We launched so very quietly that barely anyone notices.

Then when the launch isn't a smashing success, we think it's a failure or we think the work wasn't very good or that we aren't good enough.

When the real problem is that we didn't launch loud. We didn't stick to the plan to launch in a bigger way. So that more people knew about the work we are doing.

So ask yourself, what have you created that you launched with a whisper? I challenge you to dust it off and launch it loud because it's never too late. Good work needs to be in the world.

Share Your Message, Share Your Message, and then Share it 200 Times More

The final mindset shift I have made this past year, and actually, I'm still making this, I'm still implementing it, it's still really hard for me.

It's to share your message, share your message, share your message, share your message until you are sick of it, and then share it some more. I spent the first part of my business worrying about emailing my list too much, tweeting too much, posting on Instagram too much. I worried about saying how people can work with me too often and too much. I worry about talking about the 3 Word Rebellion too much.

Or worse. I think I'm talking about my message and my work enough and then I get an email from someone like you asking what I do and I think, seriously, man, I've been sharing this message and what I do all over the place. How do you not know?

Honestly, when I get an email asking me what I do because people don't have a clue. That's a sign from the universe that I have not been sharing my message or what I do enough. I haven't launched loudly.

I can't serve or make a difference if you don't know what I do and guess what? You can't make the impact that you want to make or the difference you want to make. If people don't know what you do too.

I've realized that I needed to share my message. I needed to share it daily and consistently. I need to feel like I am being too much because too much is usually the right amount.

For you, I am asking that you start sharing your message too. Because honestly, people aren't paying attention to you or me. New research indicates that it takes 13 plus touches before someone even considers working with you are hiring you to speak or buying your course.


Think about how many times you need to share your message so that people see you 13 times a lot. So you and I need to share our message and for me, my role model for this right now is Mel Robbins. She's my role model for everything. y'all know that, but I see Mel Robbins sharing and every Instagram story she creates about The 5 Second Rule book or Kick Ass with Mel Robbins, she shares it daily.

So my challenge is to start talking consistently about what I do and about 3 Word Rebellion because that's the difference I'm here to make in the world.

I'm telling you, it's impossible for you to share your message too much. So go out there and start, repeat yourself until you're sick of yourself. And I'll do the same thing too.

Let's get loud together.

As a reminder, if you're struggling with what that message should be to launch loud, you can work with me to find that message that you want to be known for by going here.

Hey, see what I did there? I repeated myself. Woo! Very proud.

Your mindset is the key to unlocking the difference that you want to make with your business. Once you're able to shift your mind and tackle your Impostor Complex, you'll get out of your own damn way and start making the impact you want to make. I pinky swear.

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