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Introducing the Rebel Rising Podcast

*drum roll please* I am excited to announce to you the beginning of a new era: The Rebel Rising podcast.

Last week, I said goodbye to the Rebel Speaker podcast because I have changed. My business is evolving and the impact that I want to make in this world had changed.

Finally, I am owning my why that communication changes the world. When you and I take a stand and create a vision for a different, better future that’s how we make an impact.

What I know for sure is that we can’t go on that journey alone.

This work of making a difference is hard. It’s messy. It takes grit and resilience. Above all else, it takes people doing it together.

So let's start building that community of change making speakers, entrepreneurs, and business owners here today on the Rebel Rising podcast. Let's be there for each other on this journey.

On today’s episode, I am sharing with you:

  • My vision for the Rebel Rising podcast
  • Why we need to rise together as the next generation of thought leaders and influencers
  • Who it’s for (yes, my speaking friend, it is for you)
  • The four pillars of what it takes to be a rebel on the rise
  • The Rebel Rising Manifesto (who you and I are becoming together)

Tune in to the Pod:

Prefer to read? Here's the transcript

Hey, hey, hey, welcome to the new rebel rising podcast. I am so glad you are joining me on this new journey. What's not so new is me. I'm still Dr. Michelle Mazur, the CEO of communication rebel and the creator of the 3 Word Rebellion.

On the last episode, the goodbye episode, of the Rebel Speaker Podcast, I told you why I needed to say goodbye to the Rebel Speaker after 117 episodes.

The bottom line, I have changed. My business is changing. The impact I want to make has changed. I now want to help people launch their rebellions, to be known for their message, to be the leader that people look to.

In order to do that, I need to reach more people who want to create a change for their audience, their industry, and even the world. The rebel truth is we need a community doing this change, making work.

So let's start building that here today on the Rebel Rising podcast. Let's be there for each other on this journey.

On the episode today, I'm going to tell you what the purpose of the rebel rising podcast is. What you can expect, who it's for, (and spoiler alert if you're a speaker, this show is still for you). I'll also be giving you a sneak peek into what we will be talking about in some upcoming episodes.

What is the purpose of the rebel rising podcast?

Here is the description that I wrote for iTunes so that you know what this show is about.

The Rebel Rising podcast is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and speakers who are on a journey to becoming the next generation of thought leaders and influencers. This journey requires you to rise up, get messy with your message, do battle with your mindset demons, and get visible so you can take a stand every time your business speaks onstage or off. This podcast moves beyond your typical personal branding, marketing, business, and public speaking advice so you can blaze your own path to impact and success.

Now for me in that description, one phrase sticks out like a, like a, a starting that line over. Now for me in that description, one phrase sticks out like a sore thumb thought leader and influencer. These two words might make you cringe.

I get it, they make me cringe too because they've been so overused and played out through the years, but as I was writing the description for this podcast, I couldn't find a better word to describe the impact and the legacy that you and I want to make with our ideas and our body of work, so thought leader and influencer. It is until I can get wide acceptance of the phrase Rebel Rise because that is how I think of you as a Rebel Riser.

So if you want to make an impact, make a difference, leave a legacy, then this show is for you.

The cool part is we're doing it together. I am just as much on this journey with you. I plan to tell you about my trials and tribulations and what you can learn from it to make your journey smoother.

I am not your guru here. I am blazing the same path as you.

Now that you know the purpose of the show and who it's for, here's what we're going to be talking about on the Rebel Rising podcast going forward.

Pillar #1: Your Message AKA Your 3 Word Rebellion

The first big pillar of a rebel on the rise is your message, AKA your 3 Word Rebellion. I'm sure fans of the rebel speaker are not surprised that this is one of my big pillars.

As I talk to more and more people, and I watch more thought leaders rise up. I look at the careers of the existing thought leaders. It's increasingly clear to me that a critical piece of rising up and being known for our ideas, for our body of work, for the change that we want to create is your message.

Your message, your 3 Word Rebellion, is the beating heart of your business. It's the drum you beat every day that you show up for your business and for your people.

We will be talking about your 3 Word Rebellion and if you're new to the show and you don't know what a 3 Word Rebellion is, it is my messaging framework and essentially it's the message you want to be known for distilled into just three words.

The goal of a 3 Word Rebellion is to make people curious about the work you're doing about your business, about the movement you're creating. It should incite action so that people know what to do and how to participate, and it gathers your people to create your change in the world.

So if you haven't downloaded the framework yet, you can get the entire 3 Word Rebellion framework, the writing prompts, how to find your 3 Word Rebellion at

But your 3 Word Rebellion is not the only thing you need to get people to change and to raise their hand to say yes, what you need is persuasion.

Let's talk about persuasion, how to use it ethically, what makes people resist the change you want to create for them, and how do we move them closer to yes.

We'll dive into every message you should be creating to get people curious and excited to be a part of your movement and your business.

Pillar #2: Developing the Rebel Leader Mindset

The second big pillar of the Rebel Rising podcast is developing a Rebel Leader mindset.

Being a rebel on the rise means being a leader. You cannot create change in isolation. You cannot shake up an industry or help the world or do good work. You need people to do that and you need those people to look to you for leadership.

I talked about this in my interview with Lena West on owning your power. How many business owners and speakers have abdicated their leadership role for the mythical seven figure launch or for working four hours a week and having as little client interaction as possible, so dollars and working less is important to them than leadership.

I get it that not all of us identify with the term of a leader because it's easy to think about a  leader as being a top-down authoritarian leader.

What I'm really talking about here is being a Rebel Leader who lifts up their people and is fiercely devoted to them and the change they want to see in the world. Your people have made a choice to follow you and be a part of your business.

Now, being a leader is one of the messiest journeys you can undertake because you have to own your power and step into that role.

I want to have messy conversations about leading. What gets in our way? How do we slay the mindset demons that come up? How do you deal with the imposter complex? What do we do when we're being trolled or being called out or called in when we screw up.

A rebel who is rising must step into leadership and lead their people to a future that is better.

If you think about the word thought leader, it implies leadership. Let's figure out how you and I can be leaders and what leadership looks like for you because it won't look like what leadership is to me. We can blaze our own path to being leaders in our business and in our industry.

That is why we need the third pillar of the rebel rising podcast, creating a culture of visibility.

Pillar #3: Embracing a Culture of Visibility

Trust me, I know visibility is one of the most challenging things we have to do. Showing up day after day, sharing our message day after day, telling people what we do day after day.

We start thinking, oh my gosh, is anyone listening to me? Does anyone care? Have I beaten this horse to death?

I've seen this a lot with my clients who actually go through the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive. At the end of the intensive, I create an action plan for them of things that they should be doing on a regular basis to get more visibility on their business and on their message.

What I've started noticing is that they don't take action because visibility is so very challenging.

The rebel truth here is that being visible is the only way you're ever going to get known for your message. Being visible is very messy and it brings up a lot of issues from like, what if they don't like my message to what if no one cares?

And this brings me to a story that I tell in the 3 Word Rebellion book (coming soon).

A few years ago, my husband and I were up in Vancouver, BC. We're seeing a South African band called the Parlotones. This band plays arenas in South Africa. In Vancouver BC, they were playing a small club that was half filled and there are probably 25 people in the whole joint.

What I remember most about that night was the opening act because the opening act was phenomenal.

These guys were giving it their all. They were playing their heart out like they were playing to the biggest arena of their lives. Their music was good!

They were super nice dudes as they said hello and were mingled with the crowd after their set. There were only 25 of us and I just loved the band and I love that. They showed up and gave it their all for 25 people.

That band is the Imagine Dragons.

Now, the Imagine Dragons sell out arenas. They've had number one hits. They've won Grammys, but they started in absolute obscurity playing for 25 people who were honestly more interested in their drinks than they were in the music.

But that's the work that we have to do. We have to show up, be visible, share our message and pretend like we are playing for arenas.

So we will talk about sharing your message, being visible, everything from speaking to video to social media.

Let's talk about what's working, what doesn't work. Let's talk about our hang-ups. One of my big hang-ups is sharing my story so much that I want to puke after. So let's talk about how we create that culture of visibility.

How we can build a community to support our visibility. How can I support you? How can you support me? How can this community support each other and if you want to be involved in the community that I'm building, there is the rebel rising community on Facebook where you can join

We've talked about visibility and now we're going into the final pillar.

Pillar #4: Sufficiency or Making Money

Sufficiency making money, honey.

We can't do more good in the world. We can't make a difference if we are fighting for our own survival. If we are barely getting the cash together to pay the mortgage and to feed the kittens.

Let's talk about how Rebel Risers make money. Let's talk about our product confidence. I'm going to have Erika Lyremark on the show to talk about cultivating our product confidence so that we can sell what we do.

Let's talk about our money mindset and our behaviors around money because after being in business for six and a half years, I know for sure that you have to get straight with your money, otherwise your business is always going to be a slog and one of the biggest mantras I have around money is inspired by my friend Jeni Dahn.

She always tells me that we should have “enough to share and enough to spare.” To me, that's what sufficiency is all about.

It isn't about getting rich, although if you want to get rich, please do so. Go for it because the more resources you have, the more good you can do in the world. We can't build a business that leaves a legacy.

If we struggle for cash, we can't hire the team. We can't hire the publicist who gets us on podcasts if we don't have money to support our vision.

Let's start having conversations about that.

What's changing in my business!

A final note about the rebel rising podcast and about me and what's changing in my business.

I talked about this on the last episode of the rebel speaker and overall not much is changing in my business, so I still work with speakers in the Speak for Impact program where I can help you work on your positioning, your pricing, your packaging, the keynote speech and the speaker marketing. I still do all of that work.

I've also added to it, I added the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive for business owners who don't necessarily want to be speakers but want to step out from behind the computer and be known for their work and for the change they want to create. It's also for business owners who are at a crossroads who are pivoting and need a new way to talk about their business.

If you're interested in either you can schedule a chat with me by going to

I want to leave you with this.

When I was coming up with the concept for this podcast, I took myself through my own 3 Word Rebellion messaging process. This is part of the free writing that I did as I went through the process.

It's a free write around what it means to be a Rebel Riser.

Rebel Rising Manifesto

Rebel risers are the next generation of thought leaders and influencers.

Rebel risers take a stand. They see the world and their industry and know that it could be better. They are ready to shake up the status quo.

Rebel Risers have a vision for the future that they want to create.

Rebel Risers are working to grow a movement of fellow travelers who believe the way they do, committed to change and are willing to tell other people about you and your message.

Rebel Risers have a 3 Word Rebellion. They share it always. They are willing to get visible, make the brave move and take a stand.

Rebel Risers are devoted to their people and they put their good at the center of what they do.

Rebel Risers don't ask how they ask, they ask what if.

Rebel Risers are willing to let their message go and have it become bigger than them.

Rebel Risers are committed to sufficiency and making money so that they can do more good in the world. They take care of themselves, their family, and give back to causes and their own movement. They know that there is enough to share and enough to spare.

Rebel Risers get messy with their message, their mindset, and personal development. They experiment with their business and business growth.

Rebel Risers find success in their own way. They define what it looks like for them. They name it and claim it. Then start taking small actions to lead them to that goal.

I'll see you next week. Rebel Riser.


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