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Stuck on What to Speak About? How to Find a Speech Topic in 4 Steps.

You’re an expert. You’ve got so much knowledge flowing through that your noggin that it’s hard to decide what to speak on. You make a decision then second guess yourself. You find yourself going back to the speaking drawing board time and time again. It’s time to stop struggling and get unstuck quickly. Follow this […]

You Don’t Have to Sell from the Stage. Get a Speech that Converts Instead

I’m sure you’ve been there. You’re watching a speaker, taking notes, you’re enjoying it, having an “Aha,” moment or two, and then wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, the sales pitch comes. And it feels awkward. You feel awkward, like you should buy even though you just met this person, and they want you to spend $1,295 for their latest […]

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