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5 Lessons from 5 Years of Being a Communication Rebel

I was on Linkedin, updating my profile and wondering why the heck I was still using LinkedIn… And that’s when I noticed it. Do you see it? 5 YEARS AND 1 MONTH AT COMMUNICATION REBEL!!! What the what? It seems like just yesterday that I started this little blog because of the encouragement of a […]

Yoda or Luke: The Key to Effective Storytelling that Gets You Booked to Speak

  As a speaker, are you more like Yoda or Luke? Are you more Katniss or Haymitch? Are you more Dumbledore or Harry Potter? Why do I ask? We’ve all heard the advice “Share your soul-stirring story.” Many speaking experts tell you that the  key to building a successful speaking business is your story. You’re […]

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