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5 Lessons from 5 Years of Being a Communication Rebel

I was on Linkedin, updating my profile and wondering why the heck I was still using LinkedIn… And that’s when I noticed it. Do you see it? 5 YEARS AND 1 MONTH AT COMMUNICATION REBEL!!! What the what? It seems like just yesterday that I started this little blog because of the encouragement of a […]

Is there a book lurking in your speech?

Speakers ask me all the time if “Do I need a book to be a successful speaker?” I get why they ask. Books are a lot of work, right? Hours locked in a room, toiling away at your computer to develop your SFD (shitty first draft…thanks Anne Lamott for that term). You feel like it […]

Surviving the Blogging Marathon

Happy 2nd Anniversary Relationally Speaking! 2013 saw excellent growth for my public speaking blog. It was named one of the top online resources for public speaking, and my articles were picked up by Ragan and PR Daily. My post on why introverts make the best speakers really hit a chord with introverts and extroverts alike. […]

5 Striking Similarities Between Blogging and Public Speaking

Blogging and public speaking are two completely separate forms of communication, right? Blogging – it’s about writing and reading with a few well place visuals to keep it interesting and speaking is about talking and listening with a few well placed visuals to keep it interesting. Wait a minute! Could it be that blogging and […]

Develop Your Speaking Style By Reading Blogs

How do you develop your own style as a speaker? What’s your signature move on that stage? Me? I find humor in even the darkest situations while using alluring, astounding and amazing alliteration. It’s kind of what I’m known for. Don’t have your speaking style down yet? Don’t know what makes you stand out? That’s […]

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