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What Makes a Compelling 3 Word Rebellion?

The number one question I am asked about the 3 word Rebellion is, can you give me some examples of a great 3 Word Rebellion?

Of course, I can. 3 Word Rebellions are all around us. All you need to do is look for them.

On this episode of the rebel Speaker Podcast, I'll talk about what makes a 3 Word Rebellion compelling.

I'll give you some case studies of 3 Word Rebellions that I think are awesome and why they work, and finally, I have a special announcement I'll be revealing to you how you can work with me on crafting your very own 3 Word Rebellion.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend you head over to and grab the framework so you can start discovering your 3 Word Rebellion right now.

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What makes a good 3 Word Rebellion?

In my experience, what makes an amazing 3 Word Rebellion is three different things.

Clarity Over Clever

Number one, it's clear.

It's easy for your audience, for your people to understand.

I know this sounds like a Captain Obvious response, but one of the big mistakes I see people making when they're working through the 3 Word Rebellion on their own or with a friend, is that they think they need to make their 3 Word Rebellion super sexy.

The problem with making your 3 Word Rebellion super sexy is that it confuses your audience.

Start with why is not sexy, but judging by the millions of views of that Ted talk, it's compelling and in my opinion, clarity trumps cleverness everyday of the week and twice on Sundays.

Evokes a Specific Responses

The second characteristic of a good 3 Word Rebellion is that the goal is for your 3 Word Rebellion to insight one of two responses.

You either want people to take action and know what action they should be taking or your 3 Word Rebellion should provoke curiosity. It should make people lean in and say, that's interesting. Tell more.

When you tell people what your 3 Word Rebellion is and they look confused, they're not sure what they should do with it. That means you haven't nailed it quite yet. You're really are looking for action or curiosity.

Easy to Recall

The final characteristic of a 3 Word Rebellion is it's easy to remember.

One of the goals of your 3 Word Rebellion is to turn your people, your audience into messengers of your message, and the only way you can do that is if your 3 Word Rebellion is easy to remember.

Now that you know the characteristics that I look for in a 3 Word Rebellion, let's look at some case studies.

Case Study #1 – Pod Save America

Our first case study is one of my very, very favorite podcast. It's a podcast called Pod Save America.

Now, if you are not a political junkie, especially if you're not a political junkie with liberal leanings, you might not be aware of this podcast.

It began right after the 2016 election when former Obama staffers, Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor and Dan Pfeiffer decided to start their own media empire called Crooked Media.  

They wanted to launch their flag ship podcast that would anchor their whole media company. But a day or two before they are going to launch the podcast

they still didn't really have a name for it.  

So they kept at it, they kept playing with it, and eventually, they came up with “Pod Save America.”

So why does Pod Save America work as a 3 Word Rebellion?

First, it names the agent of change.

If you are currently unsatisfied with politics right now, you know that this podcast wants to make a change in the current political system. Hence why it is Pod Save America.

You know how that change is going to happen by listening to a podcast and getting activated.

Another reason I think this 3 Word Rebellion works particularly well is because they are playing with a tried and true phrase that we hear all the time.

They simply switched out one letter of God save America, and developed Pod Save America.

And a political juggernaut was born, that’s also easy to remember. It's clear what you should be doing to take action, namely listening to their podcast and it's a compelling 3 Word Rebellion.

Case Study #2 – Choose Wonder Over Worry

The second case study comes from author Amber Rae's new book, Choose Wonder Over Worry.

If you've listened to the podcast regularly, you know that Amber is a friend of the pod and we interviewed her on Episode 99 of this podcast. We talked about how she developed her 3 Word Rebellion.

During that interview, I didn't get to clearly articulate why I loved this 3 Word Rebellion so much.

The first reason is because you instantly get it. You know exactly what Amber's rebelling against, which is worried and you know the change she wants to create, which is having us wonder.

And if you are a worrywart like I am, it tells you exactly what you should be doing next.

Her 3 Word Rebellion is active. So now when I find myself in a state of worry, which is more often than I'd like to admit, I know that I must choose wonder,  I must get curious about my worries. This is just so powerful because I'm remembering it and I am talking about it.

This 3 Word Rebellion also makes me curious to know more and it makes me curious to go out and read her book because I'm wondering, well, how can I start choosing wonder over worry.  

I highly recommend you grab Amber's book.   It is so good and very helpful.

Finally, it is memorable because she could have gone with something like choose curiosity over worry, but curiosity has too many syllables and and it makes it more difficult to say so wonder over worry.

There's a great alliteration there. There's a great rhythm there that makes it memorable.

Choose wonder Over Worry is one of my favorite 3 Word Rebellions.

Case Study #3 – Liberate Your Control

And the final case study that I have is from one of my very own clients, Nicole Isler and her 3 Word Rebellion is Liberate Your Control.

Nicole works with highly sensitive people who tend to try to control the outcome of the events in their life.

For me, this 3 Word Rebellion shows very clearly what she's rebelling against.

She's rebelling against people being control freaks and wasting their energy trying to control things they have no control over.

It also provides the sense of freedom. Like I need to let go of that. I need to free myself from control.

Also, like Amber Rae, her 3 Word Rebellion provokes a good amount of curiosity. It makes me wonder, well, how am I going to do that? How can Nicole helped me do that? Like I'm going to raise my hand and say yes.

I also believe it is memorable because liberate and control are contrast words, they're almost opposites of each other in some ways.

When you put words that you don't expect to see together, it makes it memorable for your audience and easier to spread.

Introducing the 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Intensive

Now that you know what makes a good 3 Word Rebellion and some good case studies of 3 Word Rebellions, I want to finish by telling you how you can work with me on your 3 Word Rebellion.

I am launching a new one-on-one service, that I am freakishly excited about, to help you craft your own 3 Word Rebellion. But more than that, I'm going to help you create all the messages you need to make people sit up, take notice, and raise their hand to say they want in on the business and the movement you're creating.

What you would get from this process with me is that message that you must share – that 3 Word Rebellion, that you are so excited about it. You'll be unstoppable getting it out into the world.

You'll get the talking points. 3 talking points to move your audience from being curious about your 3 Word Rebellion, to raising their hand, saying yes and following you as a leader.

When I've worked with clients on this, I'll be honest, most of my clients walk away with five to seven talking points that they can share and a whole lot of content ideas under each of those talking points.

It's a powerful way to generate messages that make people act.

You'll also get your three stories to support your 3 Word Rebellion. You want to be known for your stories. You want your stories to become your people's stories, just like Mel Robbins, super fans know her stories. It's time for the world to know yours too.

Finally, probably one of my favorite things is that when you leave, you have a messaging master plan where we document everything in one place so you can access it when you need to prepare for a speech, a podcast, interview, media appearance, or even when Oprah calls you.

So to get in on this goodness, go to DrMichelle to check out all the details and book a chat with me to make sure that this is the right next step for you.

Until next time, here's your challenge. Go on the hunt to find 3 Word Rebellions in the wild.

Figure out what makes them compelling to you and you'll be on your way to finding your own.

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