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Where are you leaving money on the table in your speaking business

You hear the roar of applause and receive your standing ovation. Audience members say, “You did an awesome job! That was great!” The vast majority of your evaluations say you did a good or excellent job in your session. That’s awesome. I want you to receive and celebrate that. When you’re done with the celebration, […]

How to Find Speaking Gigs by Building Relationships & Using LinkedIn with David Fisher

How do I find speaking gigs? This is the number one question that I get all the time from speakers. Speakers are looking for the magic bullet to find those gigs and to find them without doing the ONE thing that makes the biggest difference to your speaking business: building relationships. On the Rebel speaker, […]

How to Use PR to Boost Your Speaking Cred

Brigitte Lyons is the founder of B, a boutique marketing and PR agency that helps thought leaders and small businesses hone their message and reach more of the right audience. Booking high paying gigs is the dream of every speaker, but the path from occasional panelist to rockstar keynote can be full of fits and […]

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