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How to Rebel Against the Status Quo During Your Next Presentation

“Are you ready to rebel against the status quo?” Every time I’m introduced as a speaker those are last words before I go on stage. My audience typically nods yes to this question because they are craving something a little different, but sometimes I scare my audience a bit. You see, the status quo is […]

3 Steps to FIX the Relationship with your Audience

You’re ready to nail your presentation. You’ve prepped. You’ve practiced. Your presentation is remarkable. The big day has arrived. You’re standing in front of a sea of expectant faces and it’s not going well. You’re seeing scrunched up faces flabbergasted by your every word. Some have checked out all together and are checking into their […]

Why You're REALLY Not Landing Speaking Gigs

Once a week at Communication Rebel Headquarters, we get an email that goes a little like this: “Dear Michelle: Love your blog. I’m not looking for a speaker coach, but I need help landing speaking gigs. Can you help promote me as a speaker? You can check out my speaking here: (not a real url) […]

Vulnerability Hangover: When Storytelling Becomes TMI

During a nasty, tumultuous, heart-wrenching break-up, I was also teaching interpersonal communication. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I marched into class to explore topics like falling in love, how to maintain a relationship, and how to make relationships thrive. I’d walk out of class exhausted thinking “Can we just get to the dark side? Break ups, deception, […]

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