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Claim Your Vision By Finding Your Role Model Of Possibility

When you think about having a mission and vision for your business? Do you think of something like this: “We interactively communicate scalable alignments in order that we may progressively create multimedia-based potentialities while promoting personal employee growth.” Y-U-C-K! When I was in corporate, senior leadership would spend hours and hours developing vision and mission […]

What Creates a Movement Maker with Nikki Groom

What kind of weirdo wants to start a movement? I mean seriously! Starting a business or being a speaker is crazy making enough. And a movement — wow that’s a whole other ball of complexity. Lucky for you and me, we are not alone in our quest to create something that is bigger than our […]

What Change Are You Creating with Your Speech?

Every movement and every speech must be moving people away from something, away from something that’s in the status quo and towards something else. We have talked about what you’re rebelling against in the status quo of your industry. What do you want to shake up? What do you want to change? What are you […]

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