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The First Steps in Starting a Movement with Your Message

It’s so easy to look at other people’s endings and compare those to your beginning or even your middle. I think speakers do that a lot especially when they are trying to create something bigger than themselves. Something with more meaning, with more impact, with the potential to make a difference. It’s so easy in […]

Speaking for Impact Begins with YOU!

For the past two episodes of the podcast, we’ve been talking about building something much bigger than a speaking business. Something with much more impact. Something that has the potential to change lives or even society or culture. And I’ve been calling you to step into something huge, something that you are at the epicenter […]

How to Rebel Against the Status Quo During Your Next Presentation

“Are you ready to rebel against the status quo?” Every time I’m introduced as a speaker those are last words before I go on stage. My audience typically nods yes to this question because they are craving something a little different, but sometimes I scare my audience a bit. You see, the status quo is […]

Avoid this One Mistake and Take Your Presentation from Hot Mess to Remarkable Success

Extra,  extra,  read all about it: high school students call B.S. on motivational speaker. Kash Shaikh gave a speech to Austin high-school students (33% of which are economically disadvantaged) about following your passion without having a plan-B. And boy did those students called bull-shit on Kash and his message. Kash, who is swimming in cash, […]

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