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Value the Ask with Devon Smiley

In today’s three word rebellion spotlight, we have Devon Smiley. Devon is an absolute expert in a skill that each of you, including me, 1000% need for our businesses and our speaking business: she is a negotiation consultant and speaker and has 15 years of experience with Forbes’ finest and small businesses alike. In today’s […]

What Creates a Movement Maker with Nikki Groom

What kind of weirdo wants to start a movement? I mean seriously! Starting a business or being a speaker is crazy making enough. And a movement — wow that’s a whole other ball of complexity. Lucky for you and me, we are not alone in our quest to create something that is bigger than our […]

Choose Wonder Over Worry with Amber Rae

We are kicking off a new series on the Rebel Speaker podcast called, The Movement Makers Spotlight. A movement maker is a catalyst who uses their message to change the world for the better. Using the three-word rebellion framework, we dive deep into the change these movement makers want to create. Plus, it gives you […]

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