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Don't believe the hype: Write a Speech Your Audience Actually Wants to Hear

I was tooling around in Facebook as one does when you’re procrastinating instead of writing a blog post. When I came across a post promoting a public speaking workshop. My jaw fell to the floor when I read: “She’s a regularly paid 7-figure speaker.” What a load of crap. Former president, Bill Clinton, doesn’t even […]

Your Signature Talk On Stage and Off

I’m a firm believer that if you’re not awesome at a task in your business – copy-writing, graphic design, bookkeeping, scheduling, etc, – then you should outsource it immediately. But  there’s one thing in in your business that you absolutely, 100% cannot outsource and that is: How you communicate about your business No one can […]

What should you do after your speaking gig?

  Last week, you got a backstage peek of how I get ready to take the stage on the day of a speaking event. It’s all about maintaining your routine, getting yourself moving, and having a set way for how you take center stage. But what you do AFTER your speaking gig is just as important as […]

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