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One Simple Action to Be Visible and Launch Your Rebellion Into the World

What's next?

When I finished working with a client, I always want them to leave with a plan for what's next.

They have done the creative work with me to find their three word rebellion, craft those talking points, write a speech or create a workshop or Webinar to launch their message into the world.

When they leave, I want to make sure that they have an action plan for getting visibility on their message.

And this action plan is completely customized to them.  It can include strategies for finding speaking gigs, for podcasts, opportunities, whether or not they should launch their own podcast.

There is also one piece of advice that I always give to my clients.  

It is the one action that is so simple to take. It's so very effective and yet it's also the hardest to implement even for me, and it's the subject of this week's rebel speaker podcast.

Prefer to listen?

Now you probably want to know what is that action I tell my clients to take that is simple, effective, and yet hard to implement?

Well, that piece of advice is this.

Tell everyone you know what you do and share your message with them.

If you're a business owner, share your three word rebellion, (and if you don't have your three word rebellion yet, no worries. Go to and get the framework). After you share your three word rebellion, then tell people who you serve and how you do it.

If you're a speaker, tell everyone you know that you are a speaker. This is who you speak to. This is what your message is about, and then ask them if they know anyone who would want you to speak for them.

At this point, I want to be perfectly clear. You are not asking the people in your network to do business with you, although sometimes that can happen.

Instead, you are telling them about what you do and who you do it for and seeing if they know anyone who could use your services.

In full transparency here, I'll admit I've been totally rubbish about this, telling people what I do and how I serve and who I do it for.

In fact, I get emails asking me, how do you make money doing this, Michelle?

So I'll model the framework that I use with my clients to share their message and what they're up to and as I model is, I'm also walking my talk and showing you how I serve people.

Four Ingredients to Share Your Message & What You Do

Now, when you are sharing your message with everyone, you know there are four essential parts to it.

Number one, it starts with sharing your message or even the why behind why you do what you do.

The second part is tell people who you serve. Who is your audience? Who do you want to do business with?

The third part is how you help those people.

The final part is some type of call to action and for many of you, when you're just telling your network, it's as simple as do you know anyone?

How I Share My Message and What I Do

So here is how I would approach it when I'm talking about the work that I do in the world:

I believe that communication changes the world and as business owners and speakers and entrepreneurs we have an opportunity to open our mouths and influence the world for the better.

The only problem with this is that it is so hard to find our message, to articulate it in a way that is crisp and clear and insights action and that's where I come in.

I work with business owners and speakers who are in one of two situations. They either are successful business owners and they want to step out from behind the computer, from behind working with clients and be the face of their business with the goal of their name being synonymous with their message.

Or I work with business owners who are in transition to their next big idea and have no mother loving clue on how to talk about it.

I work with people into different ways. There's the three word rebellion messaging intensive where we create a three word rebellion that you're uber confident to talk about.

We create the talking points that move people to action and the stories that you want to be known for, plus a three word rebellion masterplan.  I also will help people do all of that and create a signature talk or a workshop or a Webinar.

And for my call to action, depending on who I'm talking to, I could say,

Hey, do you know anyone who could use that?

Or I can say to you all:

If you are interested in getting help with your message, getting to that place where it is clear and crisp and you're excited to talk about it and to go on podcasts and to speak about it.

You can go to Dr Michelle and book a chat with me.

And that's how you do it.

It is short, it is sweet.

I want to add that this is is how I would do it in a conversation with someone. If I was emailing them a pitch, or emailing them for a referral. I would really condense that down so it's in five or six sentences.

You want to make it really easy for them to read, to understand and to go through their mental Rolodex and see if they know anyone, so this is a very simple process to get more visible, but the hard part is doing it consistently.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Make the Ask

Why? Because we're asking and when we ask, there is a chance that we will be rejected.

But here's the rebel truth.

Most people, even if they don't know anyone to refer you to, they are excited that you asked them for help.

Most of the time you will get a response like, thank you for thinking of me even though you are asking them for something.

The other thing that you are doing is you are planting a seed in their mind. Then when they are out in the world talking to people, they may find someone who would be interested in working with you, or hiring you to speak.

So start telling everyone you know what you do. It works and hey,  if you know anyone who wants to work on their message, then send them my way.

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