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The 1 Question to Ask Before Any Presentation

What is the 1 question you need to ask yourself before you start preparing your next presentation?

1 Question to Ask before a presentation

The #1 most important question before any presentation

The 1 question that can make or break your next speech.

I was listening to BlogcastFM episode called Finding Your Inner F-Bomb: How to Develop an Amazing Voice. (It's 90 minutes and if you are a speaker or a writer you should get your bootie over their and listen to it. Amazing insight on finding your authentic voice).

Erika Napoletano of Redhead Writing told a story of preparing a talk for TEDX Boulder. She was struggling with her presentation and went to the TEDX speaking coach who asked her ONE question that gave her direction to make her presentation a success.

“What do you want people to feel when the last word drops out of your mouth on that stage?”

As you begin preparing your next speech think about what you want your audience to feel as you leave the stage.






Answering this question focuses you on the audience and fosters connection with those who are listening to your message.

Watch the Erika's TEDX talk. How did you feel after she finished? Let me know in the comments section.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”TEDxBOULDER%20-%20Erika%20Napoletano%20-%20Rethinking%20Unpopular”]

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