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The 1 Question to Ask Before Any Presentation

What is the 1 question you need to ask yourself before you start preparing your next presentation? The 1 question that can make or break your next speech. I was listening to BlogcastFM episode called Finding Your Inner F-Bomb: How to Develop an Amazing Voice. (It’s 90 minutes and if you are a speaker or a writer […]

Corporate Speak Must Die

Corporate cogs use corporate speak! This type of communication is so pervasive that if you work in an office it is nearly impossible to eliminate it from our vocabulary. If we are surrounded by people saying “think out of the box” or “take it to the next level”, we find ourselves saying those phrases as well. Just because all […]

Summiting Your Fears

I’m afraid terrified of heights. The thought of being way up high makes my hands sweat, my heart race, and my knees go weak. However, if I am in an enclosed space like a plane, building or gondola – I tend to be all right. On our recent trip to Whistler, BC – Glenn and I […]

12 Most Rehumanizing Ways to Reword Dehumanizing Business Jargon

Can you tap a resource to execute the next project? Make sure you get it on their radar screen and really sweat the asset to get it done. Business jargon is somewhat incomprehensible but always dehumanizing, demoralizing and demotivating. In offices all across the United States, we hear these phrases uttered at a constant pace. […]

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