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12 Most Potent Superpowers Blogger Need to Succeed

In my nerd girl brain, I often wonder if superheroes sit around and discuss each other’s superpowers. Does Spiderman secretly want to take the Batmobile for a spin? Does Batman wish he could build his own Ironman suit? Does Ironman… wait Ironman thinks he is awesome in every way!

What blogging super powers do you possess?

What blogging superpowers do you possess?

As a somewhat nascent blogger, I’ve spent the last year reading a lot of great blogs in my niche as well as out. I’ve observed some amazing powers that these bloggers possess. Their example has spurned me to develop these powers. Here are the 12 Most Potent Superpowers Bloggers Need to Succeed:

1. The secret weapon of passion

Blog your passion. If you aren’t interested in what you are writing about, how can you expect readers to be interested in it? Don’t pick a topic because google keywords says that it is highly searched, but you give zero cares about it. Your passion is what drives and will maintain you in your hero’s journey of blogging.

2. Unleash the superpower of your tribe

For established bloggers, sharing new bloggers awesome content in one of the best use of your superpowers. Blogging ultimately is about building community and supporting others in your niche. The people who are the biggest names in their field tend to be the most generous as well.

3. Transform into relationship (wo)man

As a new blogger, developing relationships is a huge skill. It’s not about promoting your own posts, it is about conversing with others on Twitter, sharing content, reading and commenting thoughtfully on other people’s blogs. If you want to become the Superman of your niche – be generous!

4. Creative engagement

Blogging is art. It requires creativity and a unique perspective on content. There are probably lots of other bloggers on your topic, but you have a different voice. Tell engaging stories that have a message that is related to your topic. Tie your topic to popular culture. If I can relate Duran Duran to public speaking, you can write a creative engaging post.

5. Time turner a la Harry Potter

Wizardry is not exactly a super power, so cut me a bit of nerd slack here. When Hermione got the time turner to attend more classes at Hogwarts, I so wanted one of my own. There seems to never be enough time to blog, keep your editorial calendar up-to-date, converse on twitter, write guest blog posts, and maintain your site. If you had a time turner, you could do all of that simultaneously. Blogging teaches you better time management.

6. Bulletproof

Hitting publish and setting your post free on the Internet can be nerve wracking. What if no one reads it? What if they think I’m stupid? What if, what if! You need to be bulletproof from your own thoughts that are stopping you from hitting publish. I’ve learned that some of my most successful posts are the ones I had the most doubt about publishing. Protect yourself from your own self-limiting beliefs and put your passion out there for the world to see.

7. Put trolls on ice

A person may comment “This is the worst post I’ve ever read. You are so incredibly stupid!” This commenter is a troll and trolls suck. Does it mean your thoughts were right? No! It means that you need to put trolls on ice. Like Mr. Freeze, ice that troll out. Pay them no mind. Don’t even bother to respond. Don’t feed the trolls. They like the attention too much.

8. Mind reading

Reading the mind of your audience is an important blogging skill to have. In order to create great content, you need to understand the mind of your audience or the audience you are trying to attract. Know what needs, wants and challenges they have is paramount to content creation. Fortunately you don’t need ESP, you can always just ask, do a poll, analyze your comments.

9. X-ray proofreading specs

For the record, I suck at proofreading my own writing. I’d love to have this superpower. It’s important to make sure your content is free from spelling and grammatical errors, but it is hard to proofread your own writing. I read my posts from the end to beginning and sometimes that helps.

10. Patience

There aren’t very many patient superheroes out there. Batman doesn’t like sitting around waiting for the Joker to do something. Growing an audience for your blog takes a lot of patience and time. Overnight sensations are rare to find. It will happen, but you need superpower #11 too.

11. Blogging endurance

Stick with you blog. It’s you sharing your passion. It doesn’t matter that your partner and your cat are the only ones reading it. Post regularly. Post often. With patience, time

12. Constantly create new content

Find inspiration for your blog everywhere. From other bloggers, popular culture, the news, your workplace (don’t get fired) but inspiration abounds. You just need to capture those ideas in a small notebook or an app like Evernote. Always be creating!

Blogging superpowers take time to build, grow and in some cases control. Think of Spiderman. He wasn’t able to control the web slinging, super strength and agility all in one day. Learning superpowers takes time. It’s all part of growing as a blogger and a writer.

Which superpower do you most wish you possessed? Which one are you trying to work on? Share your special power in the comments below.

*This post republished with permission and much love from 12 Most. View the original post here.

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