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How to Land More Speaking Gigs

Landing MORE speakingBy far the #1 question I get at networking events when I mention that I'm a presentation strategist and speech coach is: “HOW DO I GET MORE SPEAKING GIGS???”

There's usually a wave of frustration tinged attached with a rant about how they are not getting traction at service clubs or anywhere else they are offering their message. 

Erika Napolotentano has written to excellent articles about what you need to do in order to land more speaking gigs. That are absolute must reads on the topic.

So you want to be a paid speaker? 6 Unforgettable Tips

5 Essential Tips for Landing a Speaking Gig

Two ideas that are absolutely pivotal to remember:

Be known for something

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. -Malcolm X

You so want to speak more so you'll speak on anything.  Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't be able to customize your keynote or signature talk but when you say you can give  a speech on anything – you are an expert on NOTHING. 

 Unless you are Oprah, a super star athlete or Tony Robbins, you're not going to get hired because you are awesome you. You're getting hired for your expertise. 

Change your attitude from I can talk on anything to – this is what I'm an expert on and this is how it can help your organization.

Your relationships get you speaking gigs

During my google hangout with Jia Jiang, I asked him how he landed gigs at the World Domination Summit and TEDx. His answer: he got to know Chris Guilleabeau and the organizer of TEDx. He developed relationships with no expectations and those relationships ended up giving him huge speaking opportunities.

Recently, I had lunch with up and coming social media speaker, Tracey Warren, and asked her how she's getting all her speaking gigs. She simply told me “They come to me. I know a lot of people, and they just ask me to speak.”

I'm not suggesting you stop cold calling every service organization in your area, but build your network and build relationships. It's going to get you the gigs.

Speakers – what has helped you the MOST at getting speaking gigs? 

Personal note: I'm taking a 4 week blogging hiatus to finish my book, Speak Up For Your Business. Never fear great content will still be here, but it will be other bloggers from around the web. Enjoy.

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