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How to Give a Speech that Changes Your Audience’s Perspective

Communication changes the worldWhen people ask me how to give a speech, I often ask them why do they want to make that speech.

What's the purpose of it? What are they seeking to do?

I believe that:

Communication changes the world.

Nothing truly great has ever been done without the ability to speak about the transformation.

Opening your mouth, giving your ideas a voice, and spreading your message has untold power to revolutionize the world for good (or if this superpower is used for evil wreak havoc on everything).

The only reason ever to give a speech is NOT to sell, to promote yourself, to make yourself look incredibly awesome in front of a room full of people – it's to create change.

Seth Godin gets me! I feel like he read my blog (he didn't) or my book (no way that happened), but he believes that the only purpose of a presentation is to make a change happen.

A presentation that doesn't seek to make change is a waste of time and energy. ~Seth Godin

Approach every presentation you give – no matter if it is an intimate group of 5 or a rock star crowd of 50,00 – by asking 3 simple questions that bring about transformation.

1. What value am I creating for my audience?

Change only comes when value is created. Value means they learned something new about themselves or the world around them.

Usually, this value creates tension or a desire for change. Introducing that new information to them can be the catalyst for change.

Your presentation should leave your audience in a better place after they hear you speak.

2. What change do I seek for my audience?

This is about action. By listening to you speak, what can your audience do differently? What action can that take immediately after that benefits them (not you).

3. If I change my audience, how does that change me?

If you can change your audience, the audience wants to give back.

This is your opportunity. The change might mean to they want what you are selling. You become a trusted friend to the more they want to have you back to speak again. The bottom line when you speak to change others, you can't but help change yourself.

What change do you want to bring into the world during your next presentation? Share it in the comments below (the more you share your vision – the more likely it will come true).

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