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Becoming a Speaker is NOT a Solo Act

The #1Bad SpeakingHabit You must BreakThe day I received a my Ph.D. was a mixed bag of emotions. I was elated to get my doctorate and finish 10 years of education. But I was bit melancholy too because I was saying goodbye to my posse. That magical group of people were what made getting my Ph.D. an absolute blast.

We were all graduate students, committed to studying the art and science of communication,  with the common goal of getting our Ph.Ds.

Let’s face it, doing graduate course work and writing a dissertation would have been painful, boring, and tedious, if I wasn’t doing it with a group. Honestly, I don’t know if I would have finished through my own willpower and tenacity, without my professors and peers kicking my butt and giving me support and feedback.

Big audacious goals are always more fun and easier to achieve if you’ve got the power of a group to support you.

But isn’t that true in almost every aspect in life?

Building your business, your career, or even working on your speaking isn’t a solo act.

Speakers are a funny lot because most of us like to be lone wolfs. We lock ourselves away in our offices, write our presentation, practice it in front of our bored-looking cats, and never find that community of like minded people who could help us drive our speaking forward.

Whoa! That's a really bad speaking habit. It's a worse habit than your umm's or spastic gestures or being so passionate about your topic that you gives way too much information.

So what happens when you go it alone is that those messages fall flat, marketing for speaking gigs doesn’t happen because “other stuff” gets in the way, and potential businesses and careers don’t grow.

This is why I created the Speaking Collective. With forward-thinking feedback, supportive accountability, and a really super group around you, taking action and getting results happens more easily.

Here are three stories of the results that entrepreneurs have received because of leveraging the power of a group.

Elevate your talk from “Good Job” to “How can I work with you?”

Tracey Warren of Ready Set Grow CEO, had no shortage of speaking gigs. She was always being asked to speak, but the problem was that her current speech wasn’t doing much for her business. During The Speaking Collective, she got helpful feedback and made small changes to her speech that resulted in a BIG DIFFERENCE. Now, even though she does ZERO selling from the stage, audience members say “That was great. Can we talk about working together?”

Increase your conversion rates (translation: more sales and more money)

Abi started The Speaking Collective with the goal of crafting her signature talk. She took action, devoured the trainings, and worked hard on her talk, but then something surprising happened. When she started applying the principles of crafting a call-to-action to her sales conversations she was amazed to see her conversion rate go through the roof. Now she is developing relationships with people who support her business and her business is growing by leaps and bounds.

Discover your message & position your business

Imei Hsu came to The Speaking Collective with an idea for a business. She suffers from over 300 food allergies, and wanted to help others food allergy suffers navigate the perils of the grocery aisle and the restaurant scene. During the Collective, she developed the BIG IDEA behind her business, positioned her business, and developed her speaker marketing materials. Now she’s got a clear vision and a path forward to be the Food Allergy Advocate that she was born to be.

Where could you be in 90-days if you had a group of like minded individuals in your corner? How could you set your business, your speaking or your messaging up for success in 2016? 

Don’t be a lone wolf! Becoming a speaker is not a solo act. You’ll take more action and make more progress when you’re a part of something bigger than just you. Join us in The Speaking Collective and don’t go speaking alone.

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