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Create a Message that is Bigger than Your Business

In the last episode, we talked about the different types of inciting incidents that you could create to launch your 3 Word Rebellion into the world, to be more visible and create that message that is bigger than you and your business.

Now, it doesn't matter what single inciting incident you choose to work with or if you choose a combination of inciting incidents that you want to work with to get your message out there. All of them have one thing in common.

You have to craft an audience journey for people to stand up, take notice and say yes, because change is hard for people.

Prefer to listen?

Change is Hard

We are extremely resistant to changing the status quo and most of the time this is to our great detriment.

A perfect example of this happens January first, every single year where throngs of people decide to create a new year's resolution that they are going to stick to and a few weeks later they have totally dropped it.

The reason for this is that change is uncomfortable  while the status quo is comfortable.

So creating change in a system, any system – on the personal level, the industry level, or even the societal level – causes a great deal of discomfort.

Your mission is to ease that discomfort so that your 3 Word Rebellion, incites action always.

Know your Audience

So how do you overcome that resistance? How do you find a way to overcome the reluctance to change so that people will raise their hand and say, YES!

It's all about creating rebellious talking points that are grounded in what the audience needs to hear.

And the first step in creating those talking points is an audience deep dive.

Now,  when I work one on one with clients in my 3 Word Rebellion, messaging intensive, or when I work with them on creating speeches that are inciting incidents, the first exercise they complete is not writing a 3 Word Rebellion.

It's completing an audience deep dive.

The rebel truth is you can't create a movement on your own. You need people.

You can't create a business on your own. You need people.

You can't create a speaking business without a platform. Leaders like yourselves need people to follow you.

You need people to enroll in the change that you're trying to create, so you must understand the people you want to have join you in your movement and your business.

The first thing I do with my clients is I ask them very standard questions about their audience, demographics and psychographics and even how they want their audience to feel after experiencing their inciting incident, whether that's a speech, a piece of art, or a facebook video.

How is the System Keeping Your Audience Down?

However, the two most critical questions are, number one, what are their challenges? What are their problems? How is the system keeping them down?

Now, since I work with speakers and business owners on their messaging, I believe the speaking industry doesn't want to pay you.

There are too many speakers out there doing it for free. Too much supply, not enough demand and event organizers want to make a profit on their business.

That means you have to stand out and create something unique and have your own platform that you can leverage so that you can get paid, and the 3 Word Rebellion helps with that.

Another example is with my business owners and entrepreneurs, that messaging is hard.

It's a huge struggle and you can run a successful business, but at some point you'll plateau because your message isn't dialed in. It's not allowing you to grow bigger.

And the 3 Word Rebellion helps with that.

So that's the first critical question. What are their challenges? How has the system keeping them down?

Know Your Audience’s Beliefs

The second critical question is what are their beliefs about your 3 Word Rebellion, the good beliefs, the bad beliefs, and the ugly beliefs?

Because beliefs are really the key sticking point for your audience to take action on your message.

Now, most people, when they hear me talk about the 3 Word Rebellion, they're excited about it. They're curious. They want to know what their 3 Word Rebellion is.

So those are some of the good beliefs they hold that I can use when I'm talking about the 3 Word Rebellion, and at the same time it terrifies people to think about creating something bigger than their business to create a message that takes on a life of its own and that you don't have control over.

So my job is to address those beliefs and the way that we do this, and this comes from communication theories.

I'm going to geek out on this for just a moment with you.

There is a theory called inoculation theory, where you address the belief that they have about your argument, especially if it's a negative belief in your communication, and then make an argument for why it needs to be changed.

You make an argument for how the audience can move past that belief that will hold them back from taking action.

The inoculation theory does two things for you in your communication.

Number one, it shows the audience that you deeply understand them, that you understand their challenges, you understand their beliefs, and that creates good will and trust.

Secondly, the inoculation theory theory gives the audience a way forward.

It shows them that that belief can be challenged and that it can be changed so they're more willing to accept your message.

Brainstorm Your Rebellious Talking Points

Once you know the challenges and beliefs, you can brainstorm.

When I work with clients, I have free writing activities that help us develop the rebellious talking points that you need.

These talking points become the core of your messaging.  They are the support of your 3 Word Rebellion.

They are the journey you take the audience on in order to get them to be the messengers of your message.

These talking points or what you talk about on podcasts on the stage during a Webinar, on TV, on Instagram, in your artwork.

These are the essential conversations that you need to have to incite action with your audience and have them become the messengers of your message.

Getting Started

If you want my help with a 3 Word Rebellion, developing those talking points and the stories that support those talking points go to to book a free discovery call to find out if my one on one work is the right fit for what you want to create.

Remember your 3 Word Rebellion is a starting point.

The conversations you have, the talking points you create are what inspires action and gets your name synonymous with the work you do.

Create Your One-of-a-Kind Message

Your 3 Word Rebellion is the Key to Growing Your Business & Impact

Yes! I’m ready to rebel!

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