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Playing to an Audience of One

It's easy to think that once you have your 3 Word Rebellion, that your message will take off overnight.

Rebel Truth: We All Start at Zero

Listen in on this episode to learn why this is not only an important truth to know but also a great starting point.

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It's easy to think that once you have your 3 Word Rebellion, that your message will take off overnight.

You'll hop on a Facebook Live, do an Instagram Story, pitch it as a keynote speech, and people will start lining up. They will be as excited about your message as you are. You'll go viral and be an overnight sensation.

Who knows? That may happen. However, most likely you'll be starting at zero. Most people won't understand what your 3 Word Rebellion is, but at least they'll be curious about it.

They won't associate your name with your message. You're going to spend a lot of time talking about your 3 Word Rebellion before you start seeing any momentum.

I remember seeing an interview with Mel Robbins and she said that when she first started out with the five-second rule, she spent a whole lot of time telling people that it wasn't the rule for when you drop food on the floor.

You're going to spend time talking about your 3 Word Rebellion too.

So if you don't have a 3 Word Rebellion, you should get one. This is the message you want to be known for, the message that will help you reach and impact millions. You can go and grab the framework for free at

Rebel Truth: We All Start at Zero

Now, I don't care if you're an internet celebrity, a rock star, or a best selling author or an international speaker, the rebel truth is we all start at zero.

We all start without anyone knowing our name or knowing our message.

A few years ago, my husband and I drove up to Vancouver, BC to see a well known South African band, and this is a band that plays arenas in South Africa, but plays a small dive bar in Vancouver.

What I remember about that night was the opening act. They were amazing. They had a great sound and they were giving their set their all.

They were leaving it all on the stage for 25 people in this tiny dive bar. My husband and I really took notice.

About six months later, we recognized one of their songs on the radio. That band was Imagine Dragons. Now they don't play shitty dive bars anymore. They play arenas, they've won Grammys, but that's not where they started.

What you can learn from this is to play to an audience of one like you're playing to an audience of 40,000 people in a stadium.

Give those people your absolute best. Show up for them. Celebrate each person who watches your Facebook live or joins your community or signs up for your email list.

Don't be disappointed when you show up first speaking gig and there are only 10 people there. That's 10 more people you get to share your message with. Love these people hard. They are showing up for you.

The Unexpected Benefits of a Small Audience

There are so many benefits to having a small audience at first. Number one, you get to know your people. You get to know what they like and what they don't like. You get to know about their businesses, what they're struggling with, how you can help you also get to go deep with them.

You get to work with them on whatever it is that you do, which means you get to watch their results and how they are thriving because of your work.

Those people who show up for you at first will become your evangelists. Love on them hard, be there for them 100 percent.

Because those people are the people who are going to help you build your business and help you reach as many people as possible.

Activate the Compound Effect to Reach More People

Why this is important is because of something called the compound effect. Now, you might have heard of the compound effect before. It's a book by Darren Hardy. It was also featured on a recent episode of the Life Coaching School with, Brooke Castillo.

The compound effect is activated by the small decisions that we make every single day.

Those small decisions over time yield a big result for our business and for our lives.

So for instance, if I eat a cookie every day, which is super easy for me to do because we live right down the street from a cookie shop. When I eat a cookie, at first, I'm not going to notice any difference, right? And I'm going to enjoy the cookie, no big deal.

But after three months of daily cookie eat ing, I'll definitely notice that my pants have shrunk in the dryer, right?

Let's think about applying this to your business and your message.

If you show up every day for the next 365 days and share your message on a social media platform, you'll get known for that message. How cool is that?

All you have to do is make the small decision to show up and share daily.

For me right now as I record this, it is October 23rd and I'm getting ready for vacation with my husband to Palm Springs. It would be so easy for me to procrastinate on this episode to not show up and do this work. But I am committed to getting this message out there and I know it's the small decisions that I make.

I know it's the small decision to outline this podcast, to record it, to get it to my sound guy and to my assistant so that it can go live in the future.

I make the decision to show up now because I know that every action that I take in this moment will make a difference to my future and the future of the 3 Word Rebellion.

Commit to Your 3 Word Rebellion for the Long Haul

Finally, you are committing to your message to your 3 Word Rebellion for the long haul, so the compound effect makes a difference.

My coach said to me the other day, I can't wait to see where you are with the 3 Word Rebellion in five years. I think it's going to be huge

In my head, I thought, “Oy vey, five years, I'm going to be almost 50 and five years. Can't we make this happen faster?” And who knows? It might happen faster, right?

It may happen faster for you too. I don't know.

What I do know is that I'm making a commitment to this message to sharing it every day, to being freakishly consistent in letting the world know about my message and how I serve.

This is how I make sure that I play my part in my mission of communication, changing the world.

I want you to commit.

I want you to commit to your 3 Word Rebellion for the long haul.

I want you to commit to showing up for one person like you would show up for a thousand people.

I want you to commit to sharing your 3 Word Rebellion every day so that you can leverage the compound effect and start making your name synonymous with your message.

Start making your impact on the people who need your message and start today.

So are you in, are you with me?

Because you're 100 percent in control of getting this message out into the world and the next step, well that's up to you.

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